Wolf Tooth Components Goes Long With New ReMote LA

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Barely a year ago, US brand Wolf Tooth Components introduced its brilliant ReMote dropper post lever. Designed as an aftermarket lever for use with various cable-operated dropper posts on the market, the ReMote offered a paddle style lever that mimicked the shape and style of a left-hand trigger shifter. In the case of the ReMote, it’s designed for bikes with 1x drivetrains specifically, occupying the same space that a left-hand shifter would normally sit.

I’ve been testing a Wolf Tooth Components ReMote lately, and it is bloody brilliant. It’s got a lovely textured paddle that’s useful in wet British riding conditions, and the sealed bearing pivot means the action is super smooth.

Perhaps signalling a clue in a recent collaboration with 9point8 on the new Digit Remote, Wolf Tooth is introducing a new version of the ReMote called ‘Light Action’, or the ReMote LA for short. Note: this isn’t a replacement for the current ReMote, it is simply an additional option that is designed to work with specific dropper posts such as the Thomson Elite, Race Face Turbine, and Specialized Command droppers. See below for a handy compatibility chart.

wolf tooth components remote dropper post lever
The ReMote LA joins the current ReMote dropper post lever as an additional option.

The ReMote LA, or Light Action, adds another option to our class-leading ReMote line of dropper remotes, solving all common dropper remote complaints in a compact, ergonomic, and sturdy package.  The ReMote LA is a longer lever armed version of our current remote that is optimal for dropper posts with a harder pull or for riders that just prefer a really light actuation feel.  It reduces the force to actuate a dropper by nearly a third vs the standard ReMote.” – Wolf Tooth Components.

wolf tooth components remote dropper post lever
With a 10mm longer paddle, the ReMote LA is designed to work with certain cable-operated dropper posts.

Overall, the ReMote LA is built the same way as the existing ReMote lever, but simply uses a longer paddle to provide additional leverage over the cable movement. The idea is to lessen the actuation force on cable-operated dropper posts that use a stiff spring for the post’ actuation plunger.

Longer paddle aside, the ReMote LA is also made from machined and heat-treated 6061-T6 alloy, and features a huge sealed cartridge bearing in the pivot to keep things smooth and slidey. Claimed weight is 31-42 grams, and there are multiple versions available.

wolf tooth components remote dropper post lever
Regular clamp-on ReMote LA lever.

There’s a regular ReMote LA that comes with its own 22.2mm diameter clamp for use with regular handlebars and any brake system on the market (that we’re aware of…).

wolf tooth components remote dropper post lever
Direct mount ReMote LA for SRAM MMX clamps.

There’s also a ReMote LA designed specifically for the SRAM MatchMaker X system, so you can integrate the ReMote LA with a SRAM Guide brake lever clamp to help declutter the bars.

Direct mount ReMote LA lever for Shimano brake levers.

If you’re using Shimano brakes, there’s a ReMote LA for you too, with a curled plate that wedges between the brake lever clamp and the surface of the handlebar. I’m currently testing this style in the old ReMote lever, and it integrates well with the latest Shimano hydraulic disc brake levers.

Direct mount ReMote LA for older Shimano brake levers.

Wolf Tooth Components hasn’t forgotten that Shimano switched up its brake/shifter integration design just a couple of years ago. Depending on whether you’ve got I-Spec 1 or 2, Wolf Tooth Components has you covered.

ReMote and ReMote LA compatibility chart.
ReMote and ReMote LA compatibility chart.

Wolf Tooth Components has also put together this handy compatibility chart to show you what posts the ReMote LA will work with. It also stipulates which droppers suit the new LA version and the standard version, so you can choose the right one accordingly. We like that Wolf Tooth Components had to stipulate on this chart that the RockShox Reverb isn’t compatible at all.

For more info, head to the Wolf Tooth Components website.

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    This has rescued my Thomson Elite post that looked like being a really expensive mistake. I’ve always used and rated Thomson seatposts and I can’t believe how sh*t the lever is that comes with the Elite post. With the Wolf Tooth Remote fitted the post is now working fine – finally. I see you can buy the Thomson lever as a separate replacement item for £49 – which is a total rip-off by Thomson as in my opinion it’s practically useless. This lever is around the same price – so not exactly cheap – but at least it actually works.

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