Video: Urban Freeride Lives

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You might have to sit down and prepare yourself for this video of Fabio Wibmer spraying testosterone all over Salzburg. It’s a bit intense. Total bro-verload. It may even blow you away, then blow you right back to where you previously got blown away from. If they’d left in the lengthy scene where he fills out paperwork to get permission from the council, it might have reigned it in a bit, but they didn’t.

It appears several grass verges were harmed during the making of this film. It has some bum puckering moments and, be warned, lots of skidding. So. Deep breath. Ready? Here you go:

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Fabio Wibmer - Urban Freeride Lives

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    Yeah, one of the better vids I’ve seen recently – some nice moves

    That was jolly entertaining.

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