Video: Sunny Whyte Vallelujah

by Wil Barrett 0

By the sounds of the lads race report from the 2017 Whyte Vallelujah enduro, it would be appear they had a pretty ripping time. Then we got sent the video wrap-up from the weekend, and now we’re even more jealous…

The mountain biking up at Tweed Valley (or down if you’re reading this from the north of Scotland) is well known. Technical, steep and naturally rugged singletrack set in a stunning valley backdrop of beautiful green hills and wooded forests is what most riders are met with when they arrive in places like Peebles. For our rag-tag bunch of enduro-bro’s, they were also met with clear blue skies and lovely sunshine for the entire weekend of Vallelujah.

Want to see how good it was? Then scroll down below to watch the video.

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Pre-race preparations.
vallelujah van mechanic workshop tools
Now that’s a setup to make any mountain biker jealous!
vallelujah mono wheelie
The camera loves you baby!
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For many, Vallelujah is all about catching up and riding with mates first and foremost.
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And for others, it’s about the hotdogs.
Whyte is the headline sponsor for the TweedLove Vallelujah event, and had loads of team riders out in force on the Tweed Valley trails.

You can check out our full race report of the Whyte Vallelujah event online, though make sure you grab a beer or a cuppa tea, and set yourself in to enjoy this lovely video courtesy of the TweedLove Bike Festival – it’s a ripper!