Truvativ x Troy Lee Design Handlebar CoLab

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Just announced today is a collaborative project between Troy Lee Designs and Truvativ in the form of three new handlebar designs available to the public as of now.

The handlebars themselves are nothing new – they’re otherwise structurally unchanged from the existing Descendent alloy and carbon handlebars currently on the market. If you’re not super familiar with them, that means the carbon bar runs a 750mm width and a 20mm rise, while the alloy bars come in an 800mm width and a 25mm rise.

However, Troy Lee Designs has come to the party with three rather eye-catching paint jobs to help spruce up your bike. And for those who also run RockShox forks, a matching decal kit will come with the handlebars that’ll allow you to keep the custom theme going on the fork lowers too.

truvativ descendent carbon handlebar alloy troy lee designs
Looking for an extra customised touch for your mountain bike?


A wise old racer once said, “You might as well look fast if you can’t be fast.” Now, this could be an insult, depending on who’s delivering the line. If, for example, the race winner looks down from the top step of the podium and utters this to the 2nd place rider, it feels like a bit of an insult. And if you’re that kind of winner, you’re a loser. 

truvativ descendent carbon handlebar alloy troy lee designs
TLD lends a design hand on a sweet CoLab with Truvativ.

On the other hand, if that 2nd place rider looks up at the winner and says that same thing, we suddenly have a competitor who is gracious in defeat, and who realizes that style is as good as victory. 

truvativ descendent carbon handlebar alloy troy lee designs
Matching fork decal kits for those who like to customise.

Since the 1980s, the creative minds at Troy Lee Designs have been making the World’s Fastest Racers look and feel even faster. Which is saying a lot, since every TLD athlete is already fast enough. 

truvativ descendent carbon handlebar alloy troy lee designs
Do you like weird-coloured cocktails? This is the handlebar for you.

With race-driven art, TLD proved the concept that 9th place combined with style is sometimes better than 3rd place and boring. And that is exciting to us, since our belief is that the story of every ride is more powerful than any collection of spreadsheet stats. 

truvativ descendent carbon handlebar alloy troy lee designs
Snazzy fork stickers too.

TRUVATIV’s history has been one of developing rugged, dependable products designed you to get to the bottom of any race run or local trail. Now, TRUVATIV CoLab has teamed up with TLD, and has designs on creating an ever-evolving set of stuff meant to make you feel faster—even if you already wrote the book on fast. 

truvativ carbon descendent handlebar alloy troy lee designs tld
Truvativ Descendent carbon handlebar complete with TLD detailing.


Proven shape, proven width, proven materials and the artistic touch of Troy Lee Designs: voilà, the new TRUVATIV CoLab TLD Carbon riser bars. These bars are stiff, tough, dependable, and give you all the comfort and positive steering feel you want. This is art on your bars for artistry in the corners. 

  • Stiff, precise and width-optimised for enduro, trail and aggressive XC
  • Carbon fibre construction
  • Width: 750mm
  • Rise: 20mm
  • Sweep: 5° up & 7° back
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • Claimed weight: 219 grams
  • RRP: £189.99
truvativ carbon descendent handlebar alloy troy lee designs tld
Big 800mm alloy ape-hangers for those who go wiiiiiide.


What we have here is a wide, stiff, strong, championship-winning TRUVATIV design built in collaboration with, and featuring the creativity of, Troy Lee Designs. This new TRUVATIV CoLab TLD bar is the command center of cornering with an artistic flair. 

  • Stiff, precise and wide
  • 7060 alloy construction
  • Width: 800mm
  • Rise: 25mm
  • Sweep: 5° up & 9° back
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • Claimed weight: 349 grams
  • RRP: £94.99
truvativ carbon descendent handlebar alloy troy lee designs tld
Same 800mm alloy bar, different finish.


Own a bit of that one-off, custom, World Championship bike setup with a CoLab – TLD RockShox fork sticker pack. Designed to fit RockShox forks with 35mm upper tubes and color complement other CoLab – TLD components.


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