Sea Otter 2017: Praxis Cranks and BBs

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Praxis was at the Sea Otter, showing off its range of cranks, wheels and bottom brackets. It has several new things in the pipeline including production versions of its new Lyft carbon cranks, along with an ‘HD’ version of the cranks.

You may not have even heard of half of these… but they do them.

Praxis was one of the first companies to do a screw-together alternative to the press-fit cups that people were finding started creaking really quickly if you didn’t live in California, but it also does a good range of threaded BBs too – including the newish T47 oversize shell. Several of which we saw at this month’s Bespoked Show in Bristol.

Almost identical cranks, but the Lyft HD (right) is designed for burlier use
The Lyft HD runs a 30mm spindle and only comes in 170mm lengths for strength
Lyft – sounds like a whisked pudding mix, doesn’t it? We’ll have butterscotch please.

And on the Praxis stand there appeared to be a 1970s scrambler motorbike but it turned out to be yet another crazy concept machine from Robert Egger – Creative Director of Specialized.

It certainly had all the right bits
That guy has far too much spare time
Ahh, that explains it.
Powering the ebike motor is a set of Praxis cranks, hence the display.
Might not help the ‘they’re not motorbikes!’ ebiker’s claims, but it doesn’t look half bad.

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