Sea Otter 2017: Fat Chance Yo Eddy!

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Chris Chance was hand at the Sea Otter to introduce the newest version of the Yo Eddy – a bike that was reborn with much fanfare (and a rather long wait) this time two years ago.

A Yo Eddy 2.0 – now it’s up to 2.2
Here’s the original dropout arrangement. It’s all been Boosted now.

The new model uses Fat Chance’s newly-designed CNC machined ‘demi-yoke’ paired with Boost 148 rear axle spacing.This allows the rider to pick between a 27.5+ or 29er setup, with generous clearance for up to a 3.0 (x27.5) or 2.5 (x29in) tyre, respectively.

The Yo Eddy 2.2 also features a “brand-spanking new” thru-axle dropout and brake mount, moving the disc brake mount to the chainstay to keep the cable routing tidy.

The company’s original founder, Chris Chance plays a direct role in the design and fabrication of every part of the frame. Each frame is made-to-order based on Chris’s geometry, while allowing a range of custom options including: paint, decals, cable routing frame options.

From design to welding to painting, the Yo Eddy 2.2 is handmade completely in the USA and the company “offers riders the choices to suit their ride—however they roll.”

And there’ll be some classic colour combos available too…

○ Single color: Grello, Lavender, Red, Black, and Sapphire Blue

○ Two-color fades: AquaFade, Chameleon Metallica, and Purple/Sapphire Blue -+$400.00

● MSRP: $1799.00

For more info see – and we’ve had original Fat Chance poster boy Dave Hemming threatening to get us a test bike very soon, so watch this space…

Metallic Blurple (sorry ‘Purple/Sapphire Blue’). Definitely an iconic Fat Chance colour.

Chris himself was at the booth all day, but he was a little distracted when we first dropped by as he was busy actually selling a bike to a fan who’d come to the event, credit card in hand to buy a new frame.

And if I can just have your mother’s maiden name and your favourite pet…
Room for mahoosive tyres now.
Here’s the neat new Boost and thru-axle dropout
Every frame is still made in the USA
Fans of the Slim Chance road bike can now get a matching steel five-piece fork
A couple of studio shots showing the clearance and the new stays
Clearance still with a 3.0
That brake mount is very ‘Oooh!’ isn’t it?


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