RIDE YOUR F#%KING BIKE: Now available to stream for Free

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Fox MTB’s latest feature-length mountain bike movie, “RIDE YOUR F#%KING BIKE” has been officially publicly released through YouTube allowing us all to watch the action for free.

The movie is dedicated to Stevie Smith, aka Chainsaw, a Devinci world cup rider who sadly passed away in May 2016.

Featuring Fox athletes Josh Bryceland, Josh Lewis, Kirt Voreis and other Fox teammates, the movie documents three weeks on the road with a wild crew up for anything. Filming kicked off at Fox Headquarters in Irvine, Calif., and continued north through Oregon and Washington before crossing the Canadian border and reaching Vancouver Island.

If you intend to sit down and watch all 43minutes of the movie then be warned that there is a lot of content which might not be suitable for everyone. There is strong language and blurred out nudity, so don’t plan on watching it with your grandmother (unless she’s into it).

We’ve embedded the YouTube link below, but if you’re having trouble seeing it hit this link.

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    Magnificent, joyful, scary and a stark reminder of how old I am. I especially liked seeing riders riding over objects clearly marked “keep off”.
    Tonight I am going to ride my f*%@ing bike and I shall try to smile as much as they do.

    Bloody marvellous. Good work Fox.

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