Poll: What Type Of Bike Do You Aspire To Own?

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We don’t know about you, but we’re always thinking about bikes. Bikes that have delivered us good times before, bikes that we’re testing right now, and bikes that we lust after in the hope of owning one at some point down the line in fantasy land.

But what about you? What bike do you aspire to own next? Is there something that you’ve got your eye on right now? Or do you simply just want a downhill bike, a singlespeed, or a new hardcore hardtail? It doesn’t have to be a practical choice, or even a realistic choice – we just want to know what bike you’d simply love to own.

Tell us what has gotten you hot under the collar in our weekly poll below!

Which of these bikes do you aspire to own next?

  • I'm fine as I am, thanks... (41%, 269 Votes)
  • A medium weight, medium travel trail bike (19%, 122 Votes)
  • Something bikepacking and/or gravelly (12%, 77 Votes)
  • A full on, fire breathing enduro machine (9%, 61 Votes)
  • A 'hardcore' hardtail (8%, 54 Votes)
  • A light, full suspension XC race bike (7%, 46 Votes)
  • A racy hardtail (3%, 20 Votes)
  • A downhill bike (2%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 659

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specialized epic hardtail carbon sworks andy blair xc race
Superlight hardtails are getting lighter and faster. But are they still dreamworthy?

Maybe it’s an uber-light carbon fibre cross-country whippet? A bike that’s lighter than most of your friends road bikes, which can double as a no-compromise race machine, and a long distance bridleway blaster. Does that float your boat?

stif morf steel hardtail
Trail hardtails like the Stif Morf have enjoyed a newfound popularity in the UK in recent years.

Perhaps you aspire to own a new hardtail, but something with a bit more oomph. Something that’ll take properly fat tyres, a chunky fork up front, and comes equipped with slack geometry that’s ready for plunging down steep fall lines? Is a hardcore hardtail on the wish list?

Cannondale Scalpel 2017
Does your heart beat for an exotic XC full suspension race bike like the Cannondale Scalpel?

Or perhaps you’d rather something with a little more squish out back. Still lightweight, still made of exotic materials, and still deadly efficient for whipping along singletrack with, but something that’s a little more comfortable on rougher ground. A short-travel XC full suspension bike then?

Or what? Or ange.
Airdrop’s Edit is a long travel trail bike that’s designed to do a little bit of everything.

Maybe your needs are more varied than that, and you’re chasing a mid-travel trail bike for your next purchase. Something with 120-140mm of squish, that’s modest on weight, and tough with its component list. Dropper post, tubeless tyres, wide bars – that kind of thing?

rocky mountain slayer enduro element full suspension fox kashima carbon
Raked out enduro sleds like the Rocky Mountain Slayer are purpose built speed machines.

Or is a high-speed sledder on your radar? A true, purpose-built enduro race machine that’ll accompany you on an upcoming alpine riding trip? Perhaps you’ve got some racing aspirations on the cards, and it’s time to get yourself the right tool for the job. Something with 150-170mm of travel, and an efficient pedalling design that’ll help you climb all of the vertical metres in your own sick and twisted uplift strategy, before razzing back down the descent that your legs paid for?

intense cycles saddleback uk team launch tracer m16 downhill enduro
Then there’s full-blown downhill bikes like the Intense M16 that’s only job is to take you downhill as fast as possible.

Then again, maybe you don’t want to pedal at all? And no, we’re not talking e-MTBs (you still have to pedal those). We’re talking about the other form of mechanical assistance – shuttle uplifts and gondolas. The essential components to getting up to the top of the hill with your new downhill bike – a bike that’s solitary purpose is to take you down the roughest of trails as quickly as humanly possible. Is a downhill bike on your list of bikes you aspire to own?

Is an adventure bike like the Big Bro from Brother Cycles on your want list?

Then again, maybe it’s a different type of adventure that you’re chasing. The kind of long distance, multi-day bikepackery type where you need to carry all the essentials on your bike for the ultimate in self reliance. Is an off-road bikepacking machine on your to-do list? Or perhaps horned drop-bar gravel type thing?

If the bike of your dreams isn’t in the list of responses on the online poll, then what is it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Comments (5)

    My next one will be a better road bike. It wasn’t on your survey.

    Mine is always just whatever the thing I don’t have right now is- don’t have space for a complete set. Just built an XC bike so, I want a DH bike. if I get a dh bike I’ll want a hardcore hardtail. Always greener…

    Age is steadily catching up with me so the likely answer will be an eBike.

    I just bought a Pole Evolink 140 frame that I’m now going to build into what I (and I’m very sure my family) hope will be my final bicycle purchase. That is excepting normal wear and tear of course. It’s billed as 60% trail & 40% enduro so I dont know what category it fits in the poll. Plus I already own it so technically…

    Top of my wishlist would be something long and slack with 27.5+ tyres. I’m looking for a carbon frame but this genre seems to be mostly made from steel, it’s a shame Shand has just discontinued their version.

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