New Race Face Next R Carbon Cranks, Wheels & Power Meter

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As part of the first trickle that’s set to be followed by an incoming deluge of new product launches during the annual Sea Otter event in California (seriously, brace yourselves), Race Face has gotten in early with a slew of shiny new goodies.

The Canadian brand has for a long time been a go-to option for its OEM and aftermarket line of cranks, handlebars and stems, having developed a habit for hitting the nail squarely on the head when it comes to spec, finishing details and styling. It helps that the current Next SL cranks are some of the lightest production cranks in the world, making them a hot option for riders looking for the most tricked-out setup for use with both SRAM and Shimano drivetrains.

Looking to expand on the popularity of the existing Next SL G4 crank, Race Face is set to introduce a burlier ‘trail’ version called the Next R that’ll still be lighter than the SixC carbon downhill cranks. Despite using more carbon than the Next SL crankarms, the Next R only weighs 65 grams more. There’s also a new carbon fibre wheelset using the Next R label, a new modular spindle-based power meter, a wider Turbine R alloy handlebar, and also a revised version of the current Turbine dropper post. Phew!

race face next
Sitting between the SixC and Next SL cranks, the Next R is a burly carbon fibre crank for trail riders and enduro racing.

We get it. If we say Enduro one more time you’re going to burn this sheet. However you want to brand it, pedal-heavy outings with aggressive all-mountain shredding can be very demanding on cranks. That’s why we’ve taken elements from our SixC desgins and incorporated them with the best of Next to make an aggressive all-mountain ready crank that can take you to the EWS podium. Light and strong where it matters most. Racing time or just rallying with friends, feel free to get a bit more sideways with Next R.” – Race Face

Claimed weight is sub-500 grams.

Race Face Next R Carbon Cranks

  • Manufactured from UD Carbon with matte clearcoat
  • Hand made in Canada
  • Downhill rated SixC G2 Pedal Insert for increased Rally Factor
  • Burlier 7050 alloy spindle
  • Cinch technology for game-changing compatibility
  • Crank arm lengths: 170mm or 175mm
  • 30mm diameter spindle
  • Available with multiple bottom bracket options to suit everything from BB92, to PF30 shells, to 100mm fat bikes BBs
  • Claimed weight: 495 grams (including 32t Direct Mount chainring, no BB)
race face next r carbon wheel
The Next R carbon rims have a 31mm internal width and are tubeless ready.

You’ve never stopped pushing your limits, why would we? Our first carbon wheelset comes to market during Peak Enduro, meaning people are hitting the trails as hard as they can at all angles . Striking the balance between shred-ready and climb-crushing, we incorporated a generous 31mm internal width for a trail-stomping footprint, a durable carbon layout built for enduro style abuse, and an offset spoke hole layout delivering improved tension balance to up the sturdiness. With our Vault Hub’s Super Fast Engagement, long bearing life and spoke anges designed for maximizing lateral stability, you can take your Rally to the next level. Get ready to be fast in every direction.” – Race Face.

race face next r carbon wheel
The Next R wheels are built around Race Face’ Vault hubs with a 120pt engagement freehub.

Race Face Next R Carbon Wheels

  • Carbon fibre trail/AM wheelset
  • Available in 27.5in and 29in sizes
  • Carbon fibre tubeless ready rim
  • 31mm internal rim width
  • 24mm depth
  • Large oversized ange for improved bracing angle and larger bearings
  • Hub and bearing system designed for longevity, smoothness, low drag and zero play
  • 6 double tooth pawls (3 engage at a time)
  • 120 points of engagement (3 degrees)
  • 28x straight pull double butted spokes front & rear
  • One spoke length used throughout wheelset
  • Tool-free interchangeable end caps (sold separately)
  • Low drag labyrinth cassette body seal
  • Claimed weight: 1680g (27.5in), 1765g (29in)
800mm wide ape-hanger handlebars, with an incredible 215 gram claimed weight.

Race Face Next R Carbon Handlebars

The Next R handlebar features 800mm of premium unidirectional carbon with the shred-ready positioning of our SixC bars. DH strength and Enduro weight for when you really need to lean into it.” – Race Face.

  • Manufactured from UD Carbon with matte clearcoat
  • Carbon optimized ex for improved small bump compliance
  • 35mm bar diameter for incredible strength/weight ratio
  • Width: 800mm
  • Sweep: 8° back & 5° up
  • Bar diameter: 35mm
  • Rise options: 10mm, 20mm or 35mm
  • Claimed weight: 215 grams

MOAR POWER! Race Face’ innovative spindle-based power meter offers existing Race Face crank owners the ability to run a power meter.

Race Face Cinch Power Meter

We took the heart of the lightest, most versatile production cranksets on the planet, and gave it power. The CINCH Power Meter gives you the tool to train for the Enduro and XC glory you truly deserve. Protected in your BB Shell, the CINCH Power Meter not only gives you the advantage you need to gauge your training and push your boundaries, but it does it with the compatibility and performance you have come to expect from CINCH. Thanks to the adaptable spindle, you can pick your poison from NEXT SL G4 to our Turbine R cranks, and with our CINCH App and both ANT+ and Bluetooth, you can hook it up to your favourite head unit and be on your way to the wattage cottage in no time” – Race Face.

  • Power Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Cadence & pedal effciency data
  • Dual BLE / ANT+ for head unit compatibility
  • Battery life over 400h & USB rechargeable
  • Utilizing CINCH for 1x or 2x configurations
  • Cinch Power Meter App for iPhone or Android
  • Just 65g more than standard 134mm mountain spindle
  • CINCH crank system compatible with these cranks: Next SL G4, Next G3, Next R, Turbine
Turbine R handlebars take the same shape as the Next R carbon bars, but do it in alloy.

Race Face Turbine R Alloy Handlebar

Wider than Turbine and still sporting an aggressive sweep design, Turbine R puts you in the perfect riding position for big days on the bike. These bars come in a variety of rises to allow you to ne tune your cockpit and dial in your setup. Tried and true 7075 aluminum gives you the con dence for aggressive all-mountain riding and 35mm tech for fantastic overall weight/strength ratio. Your six inch travel bike will thank you” – Race Face.

  • Manufactured from cold drawn, 7075 Aluminum
  • 35 optimized triple butted design
  • Width: 800mm
  • Sweep: 8° back & 5° up
  • Rise options: 10mm, 20mm, 35mm
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Claimed weight: 310g (20mm rise)
turbine dropper race face
New guts on the Turbine dropper.

Race Face Turbine Dropper Post

Hybrid mechanical and hydraulic locking technologies get re ned internals to further improve your mountain top experience. A sealed damping system wrapped in 7075 aluminum makes for a lightweight dropper that can really take the knocks. Internal cable routing compatible for modern frame design and available in the two most popular drop measurements, this dropper post could be your next upgrade” – Race Face

  • Cable actuated, hydraulic cartridge
  • Infinite adjust within travel
  • Return speed adjustable
  • Same 2 bolt clamp system as Turbine and Next posts
  • Ergonomic 1x lever available
  • Standard shifter cable and housing
  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
  • Travel: 125mm, 150mm, 175mm
  • Zero offset
  • Claimed weight: 495g (30.9x440x150mm w/o lever)

For further information on the new line of Race Face products including pricing and availability, get in touch with UK distributor Silverfish.

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