Video: Outlaw Diaries: Return To The Glory Days

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We’ve just seen this new film from El Flamingo films and thought you’d like to see it.

Remember all of those early Canadian freeride films? The Krankeds and the Collectives? What if you had the chance to go and ride those spots on a whirlwind British Columbian road trip? That’s just what Patrick “Bengel” Rasche did. Accompanied by a film crew – on the ground and in the air – he took in all of those spots he remembered from watching DVDs and videos growing up in urban Germany, and rode them all.

Was it Robbie Bourdon that first rode this one?

It’s a great film for a dreary Monday and makes us look forward to the coming lighter months and warmer weather. And it even has a thrash-metal-free soundtrack, so that gets the nod too.

Now imagine riding this on a steep-angled freeride bike from the 90s…

Take seven and give this a watch. Then go and book a mountain bike trip for the middle of the summer. You know, the one you were going to do anyway, right?

Everyone needs to do a road trip like this once…

Oh, and here’s the video:

(Click here if you can’t see it…)

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