Monday Motivation

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Hannah has emerged dazed and dazzled into Monday. It’s here again. How did that happen? Much of the preceding seven days has been lost to snot and migraines, so training has been minimal, though suffer levels have been high. Somewhere in all the delirium there was Chipps’ birthday cake, which looked like this.

Chipps' birthday cake
Like a unicorn bred with a pixie under a rainbow.

Which brings us, which no subliminal link at all (honest), to this week’s theme: mis-spent youth.

Tell us that tune that takes you back to when you were young, the world was full of possibilities, and everything that was unconventional seemed like a really great idea.

To start you off let’s have a bit of this…

…it’s taken Hannah quite a while to choose this because she seemed to have quite a lot of mis-spent time. Some of you may count yourselves lucky she went for the grunge era of mis-spending, rather than the ‘maximum rave’ era (again, absolutely no link between that cake and thought processes here, really). So crack on to the comments section below and tell us those tunes that take you back (even if it is all the way back to Elvis…).

For those of you unfamiliar with Monday Motivation, here’s the rules:

1 – We start the playlist with a tune, and we set the theme.

2 – You leave your tune suggestions in the comments section (on our website, not Facebook) – one track per person, and it must fit with the theme (you can explain it if you’re feeling obscure).

3 – When we have 10 suggestions, we’ll create a playlist. If you’re too slow to get your suggestion in, you’ll just have to be quicker next time, we’re taking the first ten answers only!

4 – The link to the playlist will visible to subscribers only, to listen to and use how you wish. Of course, if you’re not a subscriber you could read the comments and make your own playlist, but with digital subscriptions starting at £1.49 a month, subscribing is easier.

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