Monday Motivation

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There was no Monday Motivation last week because Hannah was on a series of planes. By the time she’d got home she wasn’t fit for anything except trembling in a corner. Who knew that those little lap belts in planes actually work? Or that aeroplanes could bounce about quite so much without falling out of the sky? Anyway, she is back, and in one piece, and has actually done some training this week. Here is some proof.

turbo sweat training Hannah
Actual sweat, not stage make up.

The last Monday Motivation playlist was quite motivating. Well done people. Hannah may yet make it round the Dirty Reiver. Or even to Grinduro UK. Which is of course on the Isle of Arran, which leads us nicely to this track and our theme for the week: Islands.

Recommended by our Rob Crayons (who is a trendy young thing), it’s a track by Loyle Carner:

So off you go, suggest your island themed or associated tunes. And before any of you mentions it, the Mull of Kintyre is not an island. So none of that please. Remember, we want a playlist we actually like listening to!

For those of you unfamiliar with Monday Motivation, here’s the rules:

1 – We start the playlist with a tune, and we set the theme.

2 – You leave your tune suggestions in the comments section (on our website, not Facebook) – one track per person, and it must fit with the theme (you can explain it if you’re feeling obscure).

3 – When we have 10 suggestions, we’ll create a playlist. If you’re  too slow to get your suggestion in, you’ll just have to be quicker next time, we’re taking the first ten answers only!

4 – The link to the playlist will visible to subscribers only, to listen to and use how you wish. Of course, if you’re not a subscriber you could read the comments and make your own playlist, but with digital subscriptions starting at £1.49 a month, subscribing is easier.

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