Monday Morning Debrief 76

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We know that it’s Monday, and we know that we’re supposed to be approaching our computer screens with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. After a weekend of refreshing both the body and the mind, we should be high-fiving each other, standing around the coffee machine and chatting excitedly about the previous day’s riding exploits, before joyfully ploughing through emails and sketching out new thought-maps and content ideas on the office whiteboard.

But it hasn’t quite panned out like that. Mostly because we’re being sent photos like this;

mark alker snow snowboarding
This is the new “smug” filter on Instagram.

Yes, while everyone’s slaving away on the keyboards in preparation for the new issue of Singletrack Magazine, we’re being sent photos of blue skies, snowboards, and fresh powder by our smugly fearless leader, Mark. Typically with irritating captions such as “How are things back in the office?”

What. A. Jerk.

As such, this week will now forever be known as the “Mark Can Jog On Week”.

But enough bitterness, because while Mark’s having fun on holiday in the snow, at the end of the day he’s still not riding right? So we’ve got that over him right? Right??

It’s like looking into a kaleidoscope!

Yeah this is more like it.

Now technically, this shot from Charlie The Bikemonger isn’t from this weekend gone, but from the one before. But given that there are blue skies, fluoro cycling apparel and red Arizona rock in the photos, we’ll happily excuse Charlie for the tardiness of these snaps. Plus, there’s sleeveless riding tops – a rare and unique form of cycling apparel that us British mountain bikers have sometimes read about in books.

Charlie pointing towards the mysterious blue smog. And a man missing his sleeves. Possibly lost from a cactus/cougar attack?

Charlie took these snaps while on a riding trip in Arizona, where he and his two-wheeled gang went to check out the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo – a classic enduro race based around Tucson, AZ, that’s been running for 18 years.

Looks horrible right?
“Take THAT Lance!”

Raced single speed Arizona, started with a three hour climb! Bimbled around the Sedona highline trail, it’s a bit cliffy. Rode part of the Arizona trail for a few days, didn’t die. And finally… Gave Lance Armstrong a “what would Lance do?” Sticker (which he accepted gracefully)… he was then mooned by my teammates“.

Respect Charlie. Respect.

Closer to home in the UK, and we had a peep of sunshine ourselves. Sort of. The trails may have been soaked through and boggy with mud, but hey, there was a brief moment where we saw the sun, so we’re clinging to that!

Oh but if Mark is reading this, it was actually sunny and dry all weekend long…

A bit wet out today. Rivington’s Ice Cream Run wasn’t very creamy.

A post shared by Chipps (@chippschippendale) on

While Rob and Wil went looking for #bangers, Chipps took to two wheels for a spot of trail riding around Rivington. Also known as Riverington. Chipps was out there to shoot a feature with Cotic, and decided to make the most of the trip by getting stuck into the chundery trails on offer. Maybe take a boogie-board next time Chipps?

Andi embraced the wet weekend with some trail centre riding at Llangdegla in Wales. He’s been getting intimate with the Alchemy Arktos that we currently have on for test, with a bit of shock tuning and data acquisition going on. Technerd alert!

James Vincent posted up this glorious riding shot as a Flashback to a riding trip in the Lake District – looks tolerable don’t you think?

A wee @break_fluid stop while shooting for @restrap. #coffeedoping #carryeverything

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Our Leeds Area Manager, Tom Hill, was out doing some exploring and shooting on the weekend with this lovely Cotic Escapade. Classic #casualbikepackingcoffeephoto.

Splishy-splashy bike riding in the Lake District.

The man behind the lens, Ben Gerrish, went for a good ol’ spash around the Lake District;

A kid sized epic around the classic 3 rivers loop in Kentmere, followed by a fantastic slop about in the woods the day after. No such thing as bad weather, just need to have the right clothing. In this case, that’s full length waterproofs and a hip flask.

Adele proving that it ain’t always about how much suspension you’ve got.

But it wasn’t wet everywhere in the UK, as Adele proved with this seemingly dry and sunny shot from down south;

I headed for my local Surrey Hills trails for a bit of old skool mtb fun and discovered that I’m a much better rider than I think I am by managing, despite the lack of suspension, to not only stay upright over the roots and through the mud, but also go very quickly up (and, after some practice, down) the hills…much to the bewilderment of the many mountain bikers I passed, I might add.” – Adele.

Definitely the coolest bikes on display at the #londonbikeshow last week!

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And this isn’t a riding photo (though Wil is quite a small-sized man, so we forgive you for assuming otherwise), but we like it nonetheless. It’s a scale-model mini-bike from the London Bike Show!

But anywho, enough of our riding jaunts – what did you get up to? Did you get out for a pedal? Perhaps a race? Or a training ride? Or did you stay at home and eat pies and cheese and drink beer? Maybe all of the above?

Well given the current forecast for the next few days (SUNNY AND DRY MARK), we might be doing more of the latter ourselves. But no need to dwell on that, because we’ve got something better for you to dwell on; Fresh Goods Friday Live!

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    Sensible people call them speed humps.

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