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Valentine’s what? You might have forgotten, but it’s likely that someone you know hasn’t, if you know what we mean. Alternatively, you might not have a Valentine, in which case it’s reassuring to know that great beer will always love you. And that’s the theme this week in our beers from Honest Brew – giving you time to order them for ‘that day’ in a week’s time.

There’s a Valentine’s theme, but the beers inside this week’s cardboard tubular Howler are worth looking at any time of year.

What’s in the box? Yummy stuff, that’s what.

Roses and Chocolate Howler – £9.90

Fancy a beer or chocolate lover? Well this is what they’ll fancy this Valentine’s Day


We dreamt up Howlers to share the brews that make us go all gooey inside with beer lovers far and wide. Spend this Valentine’s day cuddled up with a Howler filled with two flavour-filled canned brews and delicious truffles from the folks at Cocoba. Rose petals are infused into Time & Tide’s New Rose to produce a delicate and floral saison with hints of Turkish delight. Fancy an after-dinner coffee? Alphabet’s Flat White is boasts luscious flavours of caramel, vanilla and the finest freshly brewed cup of java. If you haven’t already fallen head over heels for our Howler, there’s six indulgent truffles filled with a milk chocolate ganache for you to enjoy.

What’s in the mix?

  • Time & Tide – New Rose – Saison 4.9%
  • Alphabet Brewing Co. – Flat White – Stout 7.4%
  • Cocoba – Milk Chocolate Truffles
‘Hints of Turkish Delight’? We can see that really working in a saison…
A coffee porter? Could this be Chipps’ new ideal after dinner (or breakfast) tipple?

And if you feel particularly romantic (for beer) or just need an excuse to get some decent beers in, check out the Valentine’s Date Night case…

Valentine’s Date Night Case

How do you plan on spending this Valentine’s Day? Possibly a trip to the cinema so you can pull the ol’ yawn and reach trick, maybe a romantic getaway to an idyllic retreat, perhaps you’re snuggling up on the sofa . . . Wherever the night takes you, make sure you make time for an incredible mixed case of beers perfect for sharing with your significant other. Honest Brew has chose five alluring brews, doubled them up, thrown in two glasses for toasting, and snuck in some decadent ganache-filled truffles. Containing a diverse selection styles perfect with enjoying with food, romantic comedies and walks beneath the moonlight, fall in love with good beer all over again this Valentine’s day with the help of this Date Night Mixed Case.

What’s in the box?

Honest Brew’s expert team of beer pickers have carefully selected six very unique beers to share.

  • 2x HonestBrew Beer Glasses
  • 2x Northern Monk – Northern Star – Mocha Porter 5.9% (One of Chipps’ favourites)
  • 2x Redwillow – Weightless – Session IPA 4.2%
  • 2x Tempest – Long White Cloud – Pale Ale 5.6% (and one of Wil’s…)
  • 2x Boundary – D’Etre: Rasp & Blackberry – Saison 4.9%
  • 2x Brouwerij De Molen – Op and Top – ESB 4.5%
  • Cocoba – Milk Chocolate Truffles

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Watch how you can add an Honest Brew Howler to your bike. Also, Mark and Chipps try out the two brews contained within.

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    That Flat White stout is delicious.

    I want to see more of that Transition Rapture that’s just lying there.

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