Brexit Bites: UK Distributor Of Wolftooth Closing

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UK based fans of Wolftooth Components, makers of all kinds of handy components and kit for your bike, will be sad to hear that from 1st March they’ll no longer be able to order their parts from UK distributor Leveret.CC.

UK customers will have to buy direct

Chris from Leveret says:

The main problem is the currency crash linked to Brexit. I’ve gone from making a living out of distributing Wolftooth, to scraping by. I could put up prices, but then why wouldn’t the UK customers just order from Wolftooth direct?

Unless another distributor steps in – maybe one of the bigger companies that has the scale to accommodate currency fluctuations – then UK customers will indeed have to buy direct from Wolftooth. Chris will continue to run Leveret Productions, from which he sells and service Lupine lights.

We’ve already seen some price rises announced due to the currency fluctuations. We’re in a volatile world when it comes to international trade just now with uncertainty around trade deals and currency. This may prove frustrating for those of us trying to decide when or whether to buy a new bit for our bike, but spare a thought for the small independents trying to make a living out of it.

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    We (18 Bikes) have got the Wolftooth/Lindarets Roadlink, Goatlinks and a few Tanpans in stock.

    We’ve held off stocking other bits because of not wanting to tread on Leveret’s toes. Will have a look into this now…


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