WTF: The HoverSeat

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While yesterday may have been known as Blue Monday, this is also a significant time of year for many families going through the aftermath of the Christmas and New Year holiday period. All of the brand new GoPro’s, drone copters and foot spas have had a serious workout for the past few weeks, but with a return to work and school for many, there’s no doubt that the excitement and buzz has started to die off.

The fading excitement gives way to thoughts like “that was really fun…for about five minutes”, and “can I be bothered to ever actually use that again?”. Hallway cupboards fill with Christmas presents that you may or may not use again in the next four years before you eventually give in and take them to donate at the op-shop.

Before you give up on that hoverboard though, there is one last glimmer of hope for you to achieve that device’s full potential: the HoverSeat.

Like the best things in life, the HoverSeat is designed to be operated whilst reclining.

Designed as an add-on attachment that bolts onto one of those stupidly dangerous stand-up hoverboards, the HoverSeat basically does what we all want in life – it allows you to use it while reclining in a chair. The chair is actually included, so that makes the $99 USD pretty reasonable to be honest.

Maybe you own a hoverboard but either feel its useless, or you’ve fallen on your arse so many times that you’re petrified to use it? Or like us, maybe you’ve never used a hoverboard but now you kind of want one because you could also get the HoverSeat and basically have a ghetto mobility scooter?

Either way, we’re not entirely convinced on the HoverSeat’s off-road capabilities. The rear tyres are definitely plus-sized, and the intermediate tread pattern does appear to favour all-condition traction over rolling speed, but the lack of suspension, disc brakes and a dropper post have us a little concerned. Perhaps some modifications are required to unleash the true all-terrain ability of the HoverSeat?

Enough of that, check out the video and let us know what you think – great idea, or utterly pointless?

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    My bikes run on wheels, are they now hover bikes?

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