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It used to be that GPS watches were for runners or climbers, but the explosion in wearable technology recently and the miniaturisation of previously bulky GPS sensors has meant that GPS watches are rising in popularity. And since Lezyne already make some tiny on-bike GPS computers it made sense for the company to release a wearable version.

While many riders just rely on their phone to track their rides, a wearable device allows you to stow your phone safely in your pack – or leave it at home completely – and upload things when you’re back home.

lezyne, gps, wearable tech,
Both versions of the watch include a handlebar mount. It even TELLS THE TIME!
lezyne, gps, wearable tech,
Full colour and full shiny
lezyne, gps, wearable tech,
If you can live without colour, prices start at £129

If you do link up your phone and watch, it means that messages and directions can be relayed to your phone, or, again for those who like to be alone when they ride, it means that the watch alone can record the ride while your phone is home or off. And for riders with multiple bikes (even in the same ride, like ‘cross racers) it means you no longer have to swap mounts between bikes as your computer is sat on your wrist.

Other features that the Micro GPS watch shares with its bike-mounted brethren include live tracking options, and Strava segements and uploads through your phone while you’re still getting changed.

Prices start at: £129.99 for the Lezyne Micro GPS Watch
Available as Black or Blue Strap – includes handlebar adapter

And for £184.99 You get the Lezyne Micro Colour GPS Watch which includes the Bluetooth HRM strap and handlebar adapter. And colour…

lezyne, gps, wearable tech,
Let me count my wrist-freckles…
Lezyne, gps watch, wearable tech
Bruce from Upgrade severely testing the product at Sunday’s cyclocross champs

Full details are on the Upgrade Website and we hear that they’re already on sale now.

lezyne, gps, wearable tech,
Cedric not included…

And here’s all the gubbins explained via the medium of moving pictures and inspirational music!

(Can’t see the vid? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxQ7eR_luYg)

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Comments (6)

    If that had a built in HRM on the back rather than relying on a chest strap I’d be really tempted.

    Those built in HRM’s, like on the Fitbit are flipping useless in my experience. and get more inaccurate as your heartrate rises! I really quite fancy one of those watches.

    Oh, and the link to the Upgade website is broken, sorry.

    Brilliant. Will get me one of these. It is cheap all things considered.

    Nice to get rid of the mounts and not have to take the Garmin on every ride. Especially commutes.

    It does power and don’t mind strapping on HR when needed. Why are Garmin who are the grand daddy of cycling computers behind the curve on this?

    What has been keeping me away from the Garmin wearables, apart from price, none of them seem to support power from other providers. They only support their own Vector.

    I think I’ll wait for the soon to be launched, Garmin Fenix 5

    Yes. Fenix 5. That is very drool worthy for sure.If that wrist based HRM works well then it would definitely put the Garmin back on top.
    It is a premium product with premium price.

    Gob smacking how quickly things are moving on though. Another couple of years and all the wearable tech will be even cheaper and smarter. Good for us.

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