Team News: Yoann Barelli Signs to Commencal and Dakine

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Yoann Barelli has signed with Commencal and Dakine, and has been on a photo shoot to help promote his new sponsors. There are some lovely photos in there (we don’t know who the photographer is – Dakine don’t say). There are also some photos that make us wonder if Yoann has been reading Fresh Goods Friday.

Yoann Barelli
Ferns? Check. Trees? Check? Green? Check. Nice.

Yoann will be geared up head to toe by Dakine, using Dakine apparel, gloves, backpacks and protection pads. The partnership with Dakine kicks off at the same time as his new partnership with Andorran bike brand Commençal. For its part, Commençal says “We are proud to announce that Yoann will be racing in our colours for the next two years! He will become part of with the COMMENCAL VALLNORD Enduro Team, alongside Cécile Ravanel, Kevin Miquel and Cédric Ravanel. The 2017 season program is simple. It will include all of the Enduro World Series and a selection of various, varied races. Even though Yoann joins the team, it’s worth mentioning that he will not wear exactly the same kit as the other members. DAKINE already partner the near-Canadian Frenchman.”

Yoann Barelli
Yo, bro.

The French born rider, who now lives in Whistler, BC, has a background in DH – he was French champion in 2004 – and has now become a top Enduro performer, ranking amongst the top ten in the world. He is known for his versatility on any kind of bike and any kind of terrain as well as for his sense of humour. Spectators at the Crankworx Whistler 2016 witnessed a combination of both when they saw him riding down A-line on his cyclocross bike.

Yoann Barelli
Sweet shredding.

Here’s a corporate quote from Mr Barelli:

“Dakine has always been THE “freeride brand” for me, the brand that all the real badass riders ride for!When I hear the word “Dakine” I picture Aggydoing a backflip down a 10 meterhigh cliff!”–Yoann said. “To join this brand is for me a real achievement in my professional athlete career, I feel very special.I’ve been riding Dakine products for more than a month now and the quality of everything they make is pretty amazing, every detailcountsfor them, it feels great to put something on and realize that everything is just right!I’m very much looking forward to train, adventure, travel and race with my new Dakine kit.”

Yoann Barelli
Look at that loam!

We’re pretty sure you’re all looking longingly at these wooded shots. Bear in mind Yoann probably had to ride the same corners over and over. Though that’s probably still not going to convince you that he doesn’t have a great job.

Yoann Barelli
Give us your gnarr face.

It’s about to get arty. Ready?

Yoann Barelli
Just push up and do that again, will you?

Golden rising sun, silhouette in the trees. It’s a metaphor for the rising star Yohann eclipsing all the other riders. Or something like that.

Yoann Barelli
Jumping into the alien landing?

Jump into the light. No idea what this is a metaphor for.

Yoann Barelli
Small figure, big woods.

We give up interpreting art. Let’s just look at the pictures.

Yoann Barelli
Subtle in fill flash?

Ok, they’re not all great pictures. This is why we don’t go in for flash in our images here at Singletrack.

Yoann Barelli
Pop the front, show off your sponsor.

And then, with no warning, we move from corporate photo shoot perfection to…this…

Yoann Barelli
I am Hulk?

So, this is a bit strange. But wait…

Yoann Barelli
A Fresh Goods Friday audition?

…this is stranger still. Maybe he’s hoping for a perfume sponsor? Or a deodorant?

Yoann Barelli
The face behind the goggles.

The next big race where you can spot this face will be the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico Enduro Race in Feb 9th-14th. After that, he’ll be heading to the EWS rounds in New Zealand.

Yoann Barelli
The shadows. The light. The braap. Sigh.

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