Spooky Bikes Is Back – And Back In The UK

by Chipps 3

We’ve just heard from that south coast luxury bike emporium that is Prestige Cycles that Spooky is back.



Stephen from the shop says “We are excited to announce that the rumours are true, the reincarnation is complete and the legend has been reborn!”

The new Spooky will be sticking to its aluminium roots and has been reunited with legendary frame builder Frank the Welder (if you don’t know his name, Premier Users can read the profile we ran on him in Issue 96.) However, the one mountain bike that’s currently in the range, the full suspension Eraser, will be made by (the equally great, and only slightly less iconic) Ventana Bikes in California.

As the new Spooky website says: “In 1992 Spooky Cycles set out to build the bike we wanted to ride because no one else made it. In 2016 we returned for that same reason. We returned prepared, and we haven’t come alone. After nearly 25 years we’ve found ourselves and we’re recruiting.
We have lived in the shadows, watching, learning, and getting stronger.
Now is our time.”

The colour on the new Dune will do something funny to nineties riders

So far there are three models:
Dune – stunning CX bike ready for Sunday’s race or any day’s adventure


Mulholland – versatile road bike made to be ridden every day; as Spooky say, “Jack of all trades? Hardly, this bike is the Ace of Spades”

And of particular interest to us – the Eraser – stiff, accurate and hard-riding trail bike based around 27.5in wheels, 120mm rear suspension and up to 140mm fork.

120mm out back, 140mm out front. The reverse mullet bike.
This one is far away…

For more details, check out wearespooky.com. Don’t worry. We’ve already asked about FTW-built hardtails like the much venerated Metalhead…

Bikes are on order now and should be here in the UK any day now.Keep an eye on www.prestige-cycles.co.uk/bikes and its Instagram account prestige_cycles for more news and pics.

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  1. How many bike companies now list a model call ‘Dune’?

    Mondraker, Calibre and now Spooky. Anyone else?

  2. Hmmm. Pretty……fugly, imho.

  3. So a rebadged Alpino then? It’s not a bad thing.

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