Real People Win Things With Singletrack!

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Some conspiracy theorists think that competitions are never actually won by anyone. There are no prizes, or if there are, the staff just take them home. There are enough conspiracy theories in the world right now, so take off your tinfoil hats, because here’s a bit of myth debunking for you.

First up, we gave away all kinds of brilliant prizes in the run up to Christmas, and this genius winner sent us a picture demonstrating the Bell Super 3R helmet that he won. Obviously access to your water bottle is the entire point of the removable chin.

Bell Super 3R
This man knows how to model.

Thank you Robin for brightening our day a little with this product demonstration.

Another natural when it comes to the camera.

All those goodies went into the mega sack, and one lucky winner got the whole lot. He also got to join us for the day and go for a ride and eat fish and chips, though since he injured his knee running this week (yes, yes, we told him, it’s his own silly fault) he couldn’t ride. But we reckoned he looked a bit on the lean and fit side, so we attempted to bulk him up a bit with fish and chips.

You’d be this happy too if you’d just won all this stuff.

Here’s Phil surrounded by all his loot. A nest of bike heaven. No wonder he looks happy.

Thanks to Phil (and his wife) for coming to visit and making us all smile with a bit of infectious happiness and delight. And a huge thanks to all the advent sponsors who made this happen.

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