Monday Morning Debrief

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Ahem. There may have been a slight lack of riding bikes this weekend. We are after all (relatively) normal, mortal human beings. Some of us even have other hobbies and interests. Like sewing, and cake, and golf. It makes us the well rounded personalities that we are. And yes, just like you, sometimes life gets in the way and bikes are forced to come second.

Hannah may not have ridden a bike at the weekend, but she did watch a lot of other people riding bikes. Curly bar #dirtydropbargoodness watching, in the form of the Cyclocross World Championships. Saturday featured three races, all of which were brilliant to watch. If you don’t have time for anything else, just watch the three British youngsters take to the podium after the Junior Men’s race.

Dusty in here, isn’t it.

Hop on over to for a summary of all the races plus links to the race footage.

Our Wil was out there on the first leg of his extended holiday: Australia via Luxembourg. He’s promised us he’s coming back once he’s topped up his vitamin D levels. He’s also promised his wife he won’t ride a bike during the holiday. We’ll see how that goes.

Luxembourg, the perfect holiday destination.
Luxembourg, the perfect holiday destination.

On Saturday Chipps was out with a bunch of local mountain bikers looking to ‘give something back’. Not trail building, but learning how to do river surveying to see where would be good for ‘leaky dams’ and flood plains to slow the floodwater’s progress to the river valley.

Coca cola waterfall?

Normal service was resumed on Sunday, as Chipps got out on his bike, meeting up with friends for a familiar local ride, only done from a different start point to normal. Not only did this put a fresh spin on the ride, but they found a couple of new bridleways.

Smile, you’re on camera!

Since Wil was away on his holibobs, Chipps and Hannah had to do Fresh Goods Friday live this week, complete with Olsen bike. Yes, that’s a gear box, but it’s not an ebike.

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