Core Bike 2017: What Is It? Plus The Latest News!

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Core Bike is the first big UK bike industry show of the year. Way back in the sands of time, a bunch of independent brands realised that if they clubbed together to showcase their products, people across the industry could meet up and check everything out at once. One trip for bike shop owners and press instead of dozens of them all over the country. And so it was that the original brands formed the ‘Core’.

So many things to see, the mind boggles.

It worked, and it grew, until it became the huge show that it is today – so big it takes up all the function rooms in a hotel which is big enough that a map is advisable (and provided). Brands, press and retailers from all over the country make the pilgrimage to Milton Keynes to check out all that is shiny and new for the year ahead. It’s not just mountain bike kit – there’s roadie stuff, go-faster stuff for every triathlete, plus a whole range of fitness related tech and nutrition for those who take riding their bike very seriously.

Race Face
Sheep. The next Big Thing?

Being the first UK show of the year, it’s where many brands choose to launch new products. It’s also often a chance to see the production versions of what may still have been a prototype at Eurobike – the last big show of the previous year.

As the sea of plaid shirts, tattoos and beards ebbs and flows around the shining outcrops of new product, brand managers hope to land big orders with retailers, and us journos try to get the scoop on the newest goodies coming our way.

DMR pedals
I can’t see the colour I want…

Team Singletrack is there, and we’ll be bringing you a first look at all those products that will be making their way to your local bike shop soon.

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