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While there wasn’t a whole lot of all-new bikes being launched during the 2017 Core Bike show, Scottish apparel company Endura had plenty of new gear to take us through. After all, when you’re running two seasonal product cycles every 12 months, you’re always working on new stuff.

One of the items that Endura has been working on for the past few months is a waterproof overshoe. Endura already makes an MT500 waterproof shoe cover, and it looks like this;

This is the current Endura MT500 overshoe that’s designed for clip-in pedals.

Made from a soft neoprene upper, the MT500 overshoes utilise sealed seams and a high-cut construction to shield your shoes from muddy puddles and dumping rain. We’ve got a set on test at the moment, and they’ve proven to be both a tough and effective barrier against the elements. However, they’re not for everyone…

The wee hole in the forefoot allows an SPD cleat to stick out and clip into your pedal. But what about flat pedal riders?

Primarily, the MT500 overshoe is built for SPD clip-in shoes. There’s a hole underneath the forefoot area of the shoe cover that allows the cleat to stick through and engage with the pedal. Otherwise, the overshoe wraps around most of the shoe, with another small opening at the heel for when you’re walking around off the bike.

So what about riders who run flats?

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
Endura is developing a flat pedal-specific version of the MT500 waterproof overshoe, and this is the current prototype.

For those UK mountain bikers who ride in wet conditions with flat shoes and pedals, this is a product for you. It’s a brand new MT500 overshoe that will join the range as another option built specifically for flat pedals. Like the existing MT500 overshoe, this one is also built with a waterproof neoprene upper, which is sufficiently stretchy to wrap over the top of a flat shoe without adding masses of bulk. It’s also finished off with rubber armouring, but there are a few differences between this and the current MT500 overshoe.

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
A larger opening underneath the forefoot allows for more contact between the pedal body and the rubber shoe sole.

Firstly, the sole. This overshoe uses a much larger opening to maintain the surface contact between the platform of your pedal and the rubber sole on your shoes. There will be some changes to the design before this goes into production, but the above photo should give you an idea of what Endura is going for here. Endura told us that the next revision will feature an even bigger opening – the rubber at the front of the forefoot where those two big circular cutouts are will likely be gone, which will open up the contact patch even further.

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
Out with the zip, and in with a big Velcro strip.

Also new for the MT500 flat-pedal overshoe will be a Velcro opening and closure system at the back of the shoe, instead of a zip like on the current MT500 overshoe. Endura has added a finger loop at the back of the heel, which should ease the process of tugging the overshoes on. The fit will be pretty snug, so the extra leverage will be welcome we’re sure. Endura will offer the MT500 overshoe in a variety of sizes, including larger sizes to suit chunkier flat pedal shoes.

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
Lookout for a new 1/4 zip version of the MT500 waterproof jacket.

During the 2017 Core Bike show, we also got a look at some of the new jackets and colours that Endura will be offering later in the year for the Autumn/Winter season. Not that we really want to think about another winter. We’re a-ok getting through this one right now thankyouverymuch.

Ok, so back to the jackets. The green jacket above is a new version of the MT500 Waterproof Jacket, and rather than a full-length zipper, it features a much shorter 1/4 length zipper. Following recent trends in outdoors gear, this will provide riders with another option that may appeal to those who prefer not having a zip running all the way down their front. Because of the shorter zip length, Endura has been able to add kangaroo pockets to the MT500 jacket, so you can keep your pies close to your chest for maximum insulation purposes.

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
Endura brightens colours for 2017. Models still very white.

Other jackets such as the SingleTrack and the women’s MT500 get additional colour options, which highlights a broader push by Endura to move beyond the blacks, greys and navy blues of the past. We dig the extra dose of colour, and you can expect to see more pieces complementing the range throughout 2017.

corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
The women’s MT500 jacket is new to the range.

The women’s MT500 jacket is new for 2017, and it launches with the same bright new colourway theme as the men’s versions. The MT500 is Endura’s flagship waterproof jacket, built with its own proprietary ExoShell60™ 3-Layer waterproof fabric. The jacket is entirely seam sealed and waterproof, but thanks to the ExoShell60™fabric, it also comes with a frankly bonkers MVT breathability rating of 64,000. If you’re into outdoors gear, you’ll know that’s a pretty impressive number. Designed as a jacket for use on the bike and off it, the MT500 also rocks a stowable hood, zippered venting, and an adjustable fit.

 corebike endura mt500 waterproof booties shoe covers jackets helmet
The wait continues for the Endura MT500 helmet. Soon our friends, soon…

We first got a look at the new Endura MT500 helmet back at the 2016 Eurobike show. Unfortunately, some delays in standards testing have put the schedule back a bit with the MT500 helmet, and we (along with everyone else) are hanging out to hear from Endura on when these will be dropping. Stay tuned for further updates there…

For more information on the new apparel line, get your peepers on

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Core Bike 2017: Endura

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    Overshoe for flat? Hell yeah!

    Yes! About time too… my “waterproof” 5ten freerider elements have been renamed SpongeBob for their uncanny ability to retain water….

    I’d prefer that sort of design for any type of shoe to be honest. The abuse you give a zip putting on overshoes is destined to destroy them!

    Good news @Johnnystorm, as Endura told us (shhhh!) that they’ll be updating the regular MT500 Overshoe with a Velcro closure in the near future.

    That said, I’ve been rocking a pair of the existing MT500 Overshoes, and despite the zip getting a harder workout than Ron Jeremy’s trousers, they’re still A-Ok.



    Looks good, but I’m not sure just how functional the design is..

    Form over function methinks.

    I’ve always gone for winter boots rather than overshoes. Katie’s had various Endura designs over the years but riding off road they seem to get destroyed in no time (on road overshoes work OK)

    On another note, well done for getting Mr Tickle to model for you in that first photo.

    Glad to see the overshoes going back to Velcro, my original Velcro backed ones are only just surviving.

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