9 Bikes Stolen From Pace Cycles

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We’ve just heard the word from a bird about nine stolen mountain bikes from Pace Cycles as of yesterday. From initial reports, Pace Cycles was broken into during the wee hours of the 16th of January, with a number of stock and customer-owned bikes being snatched in the loot.

We’re awaiting further word from Pace Cycles about any additional details that could help anyone identify the stolen bikes, and we’ll update this article as soon as we receive confirmation.

pace rc127 plus hardtail steel 27.5 650b
Pace Cycles as broken into two days ago, with nine bikes stolen belonging to both Pace Cycles and it’s customers. Please keep your eyes peeled on any suspicious bikes up for sale.

Here’s the word from the Pace Cycles Facebook Page;

As you read this the ‘street’ value of the 9 bikes stolen from Pace Cycles last night will no doubt being injected into some low life’s veins. Doesn’t it make you angry that the beautiful machines we create and cherish mean nothing but another fix to these chavs. Well screw you buster because we’ll enjoy a deeper high riding the bikes we’ll build to replace those you stole and find more satisfaction in grafting and building our dream trip than you’ll ever know. Busting down someone’s door and taking away customers and stock bikes we’ve all worked hard to fund shows what lazy twa*s you are. Get out and work for a living tosspot. With no Kind Regards, Adrian Carter.

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Comments (8)

    That’s a very odd statement from Pace.

    I agree. Totally inappropriate, in my opinion.

    I think it reflects their previous experience when their personal bikes where stolen from their house and found later in the front garden of s drug den in Middlesbrough…
    Either way a great shame and anything the cycling community can do to help find the culprits has to be a plus

    Well said Mr Carter..as can be seen already by comments, it’s the victims being criticised instead of the inappropriate perps. Hope the scum get all they deserve……have a nice day y’all

    “as can be seen already by comments, it’s the victims being criticised”

    If that’s aimed at me, then I’m not criticising the victim. Just found it an odd statement, which it is.

    I’m with bear.

    No criticism of the victim in this but I found it a very odd statement too.

    Its the sort of initial venting that gets written then deleted and a more rational statement put out.

    I hope Pace are able to recover the bikes and a suitable (lawful) punishment is handed to those involved.

    After speaking with mrs Carter on the phone recently regarding purchasing a frame from them and realising what hard working genuine people they are I am not surprised at Mr Carter’s response.
    Now we are finally out of the EU shouldn’t we have the chance for some payback against this type of lowlife who don’t respect anything or anybody. They carry out these crimes knowing very little will happen to them and still have bleating left wing yoghurt knitters complain about any type of retribution against them.
    . Once caught,convicted and found guilty their sentence will be to appear on the weekly LIVE show…Celebrity scum birching on ice…
    The format being, z list celebrity and scroat skate in front of judges made up of me and my mates. The judging might be a little biased but your guaranteed a good result. The victims of the crimes committed by guilty scroats have the option of the first 20 strokes themselves but must relinquish the final 80 strokes to a professional bircher.
    Fantastic TV with morals..good family entertainment and a happy ending every week for the 20 million watching…
    If this gets printed I promise to renew my yearly subscription…..
    No, I take that back..I wouldn’t want anyone to think my response was over the top….
    I promise to renew my subscription regardless

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