£425m Planned For Welsh Extreme Sports Destination

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Wales is already synonymous with mountain biking trail centres, but if what we’ve heard is true, it’s about to become home to an enormous new £425 million multi-purpose extreme sports destination. While primarily designed around a motorsport racetrack, the centre will include mountain biking trails, a skate park and other two-wheeled attractions.

According to a report from Cycling Industry News, The Extreme Sports Company is behind the plan. Already known for its far-reaching Extreme Sports Channel – with an audience reach of some 400 million per month – the company is moving beyond just broadcasting content to create it too, and they’ll start by developing a 336 hectare multi-purpose extreme sports destination at The Circuit of Wales. As reported in the article, Alistair Gosling, Chairman and CEO of The Extreme Sports Company, claims that as many as 16,000 jobs are hoped to be created for the region, and it’s expected that the development will be worth as much as £50 million to the Welsh economy per year.

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Wales is already home to many high-profile trail centres, but the proposed Extreme Destination at the Circuit Of Wales could be by far the biggest.

“This combined offer is the largest privately-funded infrastructure project in Wales and through unrivalled access to leisure and outdoor activities, state-of-the-art innovation zones and a world-class motorsport facility, it is estimated to attract 750,000 visitors a year“, states Gosling. “It will tap into the £4bn ($4.91bn; €4.69bn) UK entertainment and leisure sector, delivering significant revenues and attracting visitors from beyond the traditional motorsport world.”

wales extreme sports centre
An illustrated plan of the proposed Extreme Destination at the Circuit Of Wales.

Martin Whitaker, CEO of The Circuit of Wales, added: “Our partnership with Extreme underlines the unique range of activities, facilities and services the Circuit’s enterprise cluster will offer Wales and the UK. The Circuit aims to provide much more than a racing facility; it will be a 365-day leisure and business destination. The support we have received to date from the racing, automotive and investment communities – including MotoGP which has a global audience of just under 300 million people and reaches over 200 countries worldwide and companies such as TVR who are relocating to Wales – emphasises the Circuit’s long-term role in boosting tourism, creating jobs and diversifying the local economy”.

According to The Extreme Sports Company, the redevelopment of the Circuit Of Wales could attract as many as 750,000 visitors per year. But from the sounds of things, the company still needs to come to an agreement on financial guarantees with the Welsh Government.

Read the full article on the Cycling Industry News website.


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    Wishful thinking I reckon. They’re finding it hard to get the Govt to fund their business model for a race track that has only attracted bikes so far. As a result they’re trying to make it broader in scope. I still think it would be a brave person who signs off the funding on a racetrack with the uncertainties ahead.
    Extreme Sports Channel folk aren’t putting any of their money in, why would anyone else?

    To be fair the “only bikes” interest is Moto GP, but yes it does seem a bit pie in the sky. Good luck, but not with the tax payers money….

    No idea why you’d want to invest in any racing / motorsport stuff?

    With the likes of Silverstone and Doningtion park struggling, despite being in shouting distance of massive population density, a circuit, in Wales is a really bad idea. And all motorsport is on the wane too, imo, having worked in that industry for 15 years, racing and rallying at all levels is declining, as costs, enviromental pressures and competition from other sports and hobbies bears down on them……

    BPW proves you can make a go of extreme sports, given the right environment, and a carefull, low budget spend, but rack up multimillion in bills before you start an you’re in trouble (look at the hoohah around the N’rings “amusement park” for a good example)

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