Water Resistant Staaker Drone Rains On GoPro’s Parade

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2016 hasn’t quite seen drones take-off (Boom-tish! We’ll be here all week, try the veal!) on the huge scale that some of the tech-magazines had anticipated, but it has seen large improvements in drone technology to the point that it’s now relatively easy to find a decent folding model with top-end features that doesn’t cost the same as an actual helicopter.

Notable drone launch highlights this year came from both DJI (Mavic Pro details here) and the GoPro Karma (details here). But while both models have a unique design with their own advantages, neither option offers the same features of the new STAAKER drone.

staaker drone
The STAAKER Drone can be flown in the rain! A big plus for UK riders!

The STAAKER, produced by STAKKER (confusing right?!), is a folding drone that is designed primarily to follow a user rather than be controlled in a traditional sense. Which is great, because we’re horrible with video games and controlling anything that’s heavy, dangerous and outfitted with high-speed spinning blades.

The way it works is nice and simple: the drone uses a waterproof tracker that the user wears. The user being you. Or maybe the user is the drone? And you’re the one being used??! Anyway, the STAAKER then uses its high-tech sensors to lock on to the tracker and follow the wearer while shooting aerial footage. The drone is also flexible enough that it can be controlled manually if needed too. It appears to be pretty adept at avoiding crashing into trees, as you’ll see in the promo video below.

Being a folding drone with GoPro compatibility and advanced “follow me” features put’s the STAAKER on par with the DJI Mavic (well, except the GoPro compatibility) but above GoPro’s own Karma, which lacks similar tracking features.

staaker folding drone
Fold for easy storage

To help The STAAKER stand out from the crowd further it also happens to be the first water resistant drone of its type launched. British mountain bikers rejoice! So while Mavic and Karma uses are waiting for the clouds to clear, this drone can be stalking the skies (and you), grabbing the action.

STAAKER Drone Specs

  • Folding design
  • 30 minute flight time
  • 80kmh top speed
  • GoPro camera compatible
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 500m range
  • “Follow me” features

STAAKER hasn’t launched its drone to purchase yet, but the company is holding a pre-order offer where early bird customers can save $650 off the final retail price (details here). Wanna see what it looks like in action? Then check out the drone in action in the promo video below (or click here to watch).

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