Video: Watch 50:01 2016 Crash Compilation

by Andi Sykes 1

There is seriously nothing not to like about this title (well, the 2016 part perhaps) but 50:01 and Crash Compilation sounds like good viewing fun to us.

During the winter months, you might be drawn to YouTube, or Vimeo (and while you’re there watch Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story here and here) to watch your favourite top riders ripping up trails. Sick edits where the sun shines, trails are begging to be ridden, bikes to lust after and riders to be amazed by!

Don’t go kidding yourself that these girls and boys are perfect, mountain bike riding machines because they aren’t! They do to tend to crash now and again, and thanks to the advent of the modern mobile phone we can enjoy it over and over again.

50:01, the motley crew of riders that includes Josh “Rat Boy” Bryceland, Josh Lewis and others have put together their best (worst?) crashes and bails into one easy to digest compilation. Watch below, or if you can’t see the video head here.

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  1. This is reaaaalllllly funnnneeeee. wow.
    It’s nowt compared to the fraggle cock resovoir in lower Ramsbotham.

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