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As you all know, we do like to browse through crowdfunding sites from time to time and in the past we’ve come across some crackers. Recently we’ve seen lights designed for use with action cameras, sticky putty for mounting action cameras, bikes made of lights and now this!

The SkiByk isn’t a new idea, but the San Fransisco based company behind the start-up claims that it’s the most affordable full suspension bike on the market, so there’s that.

140mm Zoom forks!!

Early backers of the project will be able to enjoy a super-low price of “just” $599 for the SkiByk SB100, but that price is limited to just the first 100. Final retail pricing will rise to $999 once the SkiByk goes in to mass production, which will get you a SB100  with an all alloy 160mm travel frame, DNM rear shock, 140mm Zoom fork, and 104cm skis.

Oddly in their promotional video SkiByk claims the following:

“We guarantee that no one else on the mountain will have one of these”

The crowdfunding project has already gone live on Indiegogo, but backers are only trickling in so far with only 3% of the $50,000 goal secured so far. For those of you who quite fancy giving it a go here’s the link and to see what it’s like in action we’ve embedded the promo video below.

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