MRP Ramp Control Upgrade Cartridges

MRP Offers Ramp Control To Suit Fox 34 Forks

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If you were following our Eurobike coverage back in August, you would have seen the news about a new fork cartridge from MRP called Ramp Control. Designed to replace the top cap assembly on RockShox forks such as the Pike, Yari and Boxxer, the Ramp Control cartridge is designed to offer on-the-fly adjustment, so you can adjust the spring rate of the fork action. RockShox offers this adjustability with the Bottomless Token system, but MRP says its Ramp Control cartridge offers a greater ability to fine tune.

It’s an interesting system, and MRP is looking to expand on the Ramp Control’s compatibility, having just announced it will be offering a unit designed for Fox 34 forks.

The Ramp Control cartridge replaces your existing top cap assembly on a RockShox Pike or Yari fork, offering 16 positions of fine-tune adjustment. Now it will be available to suit Fox 34 forks too.
MRP Ramp Control Upgrade Cartridges
While MRP showed off its new Ramp Control cartridge at this year’s Eurobike show, since then they’ve added a model that’s compatible with Fox 34 Float forks as well.
MRP Ramp Control Upgrade Cartridges
Weighing in at a claimed 55 grams, the Ramp Control cartridge is purportedly lighter than a stock RockShox Bottomless Token arrangement.


Here’s a graph from MRP showing the level of adjustment afforded by the Ramp Control cartridge. The beauty about the 16-position adjuster is that you can access the minimum and maximum settings by simply twisting the dial. No tools required to open up the fork like you normally would. However, the total range of adjustment is still smaller than using tokens (at least in the RockShox fork that MRP has used for this particular graph – the Fox 34 equivalent may very well be different).


Update: Here’s another image to further show how the Ramp Control system works. Turning the dial adjusts the valve between the lower and upper air chambers, which changes the rate of how air passes between the two. More Ramp Control provides additional end-stroke control and firmer high-speed damping. Less Ramp Control provides a more linear spring rate with softer high-speed damping. And all without need for tools.

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Still confused how it all works? Check out this install video from MRP for a little suspension enlightenment.

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    Second article (advert?) for this on the home page and despite a big thread about it on the forum the STW article still miss-understands the primary function of the device.

    From MRP… (my CAPS)
    Adds SPEED-SENSITIVE ending-stroke control and bottom-out force adjustability to compatible Rock Shox and Fox forks.

    Its not a replacement for tokens, it provides a different function.

    Yo STATO, thanks for checking out the story and the comment!

    To clarify your assumption, MRP is not an advertiser with Singletrack Magazine. If we do have a story that is sponsored content, you’ll be able to tell by the different colour of the story thumbnail, and the fact that the story is tagged as ‘Sponsored’. Case in point is the Kona Big Honzo story on the home page at the moment.

    If you’re looking for any further clarification on this, check out Mark’s statement here for all of the ins and outs matey;

    That said, regardless of whether people advertise with us or not, we’ll always run stories that we believe will be of interest to Singletrack readers far and wide.

    As for the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge itself – did you get a chance to watch the video in the article?
    It shows how the cartridge replaces the original top cap assembly and the Bottomless Tokens, before it’s installed into the fork.

    You’re absolutely right that it’s speed sensitive, due to the way the valve changes the rate that air can pass into the chamber. I’ve added an image to the article, so hopefully that helps explain it a little better.

    The way it offers end-stroke bottom-out control and high-speed damping is really nifty indeed! We’ll hopefully have a new Ribbon fork in for testing soon, so watch this space 🙂

    singletrackwil does not feed trolls 🙂

    @singletrackwil <3

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