Monday Morning Debrief 66

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“I can feel it, coming in the air tonight. Oh lord.”

Well, we’re on the home stretch now. Can you feel it too? Just a few more days to Christmas (ARGH!), with the available window to sort out last-minute gifts shrinking by the hour (DOUBLE ARGH!).

But no need to dwell on such mundane tasks. Best bet is to relax and think of bikes instead. And if you’re like us, your brain power will largely be directed towards thinking about those days off we’ve got around the Christmas period and planning out some riding trips instead. Who needs to worry about stuff when you could be out on your bike and exploring?

If you’re in need of some ridespiration (that’s “riding inspiration” FYI), have a gander at what the Singletrack Clan got up to on two wheels over the weekend;

Rossco got out for a solo mountain bike mission high up in the valley. Ross says he can’t take good photos, but we’d beg to differ – this is a corker!
ross demain kona process
Glorious blue skies and winter sunshine – more of this plz.

Blue skies on the tops, fog in the valley, and swoopy clouds in between. Hannah has been out to play this morning.

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ebike emtb scott stone penine calderdale hannah sun
Hannah got out for a solid ride about the Scott E-Genius Plus test bike and clocked up over 40km on the odometer. Tackling some of the more technical packhorse climbs around Calder Valley, Hannah notched up 1200m of elevation gain to get to some descents that she hasn’t ridden in ages. Nice one!
mark alker pennine winter cold signpost sign bridleway
Mad Mark again proved that he is an innovator when it comes to mountain bike fashion. Which we shall call ‘Mashion’.
winter grey skies sky pennine calderdale mark alker
Wintery singletrack goodness. Don’t let the cold stop you!

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Wil took to both knobbly and skinny tyres over the weekend, but we banned him from showing photos of road bikes, so we’re left with this shot of a Brother Cycles Big Bro that Wil’s testing at the moment. Wil is upset about taking such a beautiful bike and uglifying it with enormous mudguards, which he’s also testing at present. Welcome to the British Winter Wil – you’re welcome!

pete scullion mountain valley orbea
Meanwhile in Narnia, Pete Scullion ventured up a mostly pathless glacial corrie with his mate Bob until cliffs got in the way. “To say it was a little slidey on the way down would be a monumental understatement!”
mud slop adele muddy winter dirty
Further down south, Adele came across her nemesis puddle that was a little boggier than usual. Mmm, chocolate soup!
night ride jim lights foggy
Jim took to the trails on Sunday night for a very moody night ride in the fog. Spooky!

A photo posted by James Vincent (@jamesvincent) on

There was some more winter schlepping going on up in the Lake District, with James putting a new pair of WTB Warden mud tyres to the test around Grizedale on a huge Christmas-themed group ride. “I rode with 26 others on a festive magical mystery tour of some steep, loamy goodness” said James. “There was sherry, mince pies, tinsel, fairy lights and reindeer horns! Ho ho ho

So that about wraps it up for this week’s Monday Morning Debrief. Hopefully we’ve provided you with plenty of ridespiration so that you too can procrastinate about Christmas duties, and plan some epic riding adventures instead!

Ah yes, but you’re looking for a few more minutes of procrastination before getting stuck into the last working week before Xmas right? Well, consider this an early pressie from us to you – enjoy!

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