Monday Morning Debrief 65

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If you, like us, came to the stark realisation over the weekend that we are now within two weeks from the most festive of all holidays, then we suspect you also decided to procrastinate further by going out for a ride instead of forcing yourself into the painful, yet necessary Christmas preparations. And really, who’s got the time for shopping centre carpark wars when you could be riding?

Rather than baking minced pies and erecting various Christmas decorations over the weekend, we all chose bikes instead. Here’s our Monday Morning Debrief to see how the Singletrack Crew spent the past few days of procrastination.

mud muddy windmill moors todmorden beate sarah winter
Chipps, Beate & Sarah took to the moors for some solid saddle-time up around the windmills of Calder Valley under magically dreary-grey skies.
todmorden moors calderdale winter muddy water creek
Beate and Sarah drop into a creek crossing while thinking about all those stupid presents they should be wrapping instead.

Today I met a very nice rock… #singletrack #stw #peakdistrict #mountainbike #mtb #dvosuspension #productionpriveeshan @productionprivee #fail

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Andi took his mind off Christmas the literal way – by ploughing head first over the handlebars on a descent up in the Peak District. And the answer to your next question is ‘Yes’ – Andi was also caught crashing in last week’s Monday Morning Debrief. He may be earning a reputation there…

ross hill mountain
Rossco went searching for flowers on the side of a mountain. Here he inspects the local flora with a fellow budding horticulturalist.
ross hill slope mountain hike
“I bet there’s even better flowers over there”.
tom hill muddy face mud
No, Tom H hasn’t quit his job to take up his dream of coal mining. Rather, Tom journeyed to the Forest Of Dean to partake in the Hope Technology Women’s ride. Apparently the weather was not so good?

Thanks to all who turned out for the brilliant ride yesterday at the Forest of Dean. Thanks also to our brilliant team yesterday- @julialikesbikes @cbennetthead @tracy_moseley @mtbsprocket @katycurd @24tom and the tea boy!! 👏🏻👏🏻 #hopetechwomen #hopetech #forestofdean #ridebikeshavefun

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adele mitchell sunshine sun art sculpture
What? Sunshine?! What is this thing that you speak of?? Adele enjoyed the glow from that mythical yellow blob while out riding at Pitch Hill. She also found a spaceship.
cat kitten
Oh, Lara didn’t go riding over the weekend because she was looking after kittens. So, here’s a photo of kittens. Because, well, kittens.
antony bikepacking winter wall stone
Antony didn’t end up playing with kittens, but he did spend the weekend in the Lakes on a mini-bivy adventure with the Barebones Bikepacking crew. Many conversations about bags were had.
handlebar dropper remote ks lev southpaw handlebar
Ben was also out in the Lakes, but took to the trails with his 7-year old daughter instead. She had her first practical lesson in ‘hike-a-biking’. Rad!
daughter girl kid child
7-years old and shredding in the Lakes – how good is this!

How do you combine bike riding with Christmas procrastination? Wear festive outfits on a Xmas ride! Tom N partook in the Tweed Valley Bike Patrol Xmas, and the gang put together a short little slideshow of everyone getting their good times on – love it!

pete scullion orbea
And last but certainly not least, Pete grabbed a snap at the top of Ben Ledi. Having not ridden Ben Ledi for a while, Pete was rudely presented with a newly-built 1.5m wide gravel path that has sanitised the previous trail to within an inch of its life. #sadface.

So there you have it, another weekend of riding, exploring and Christmas procrastination down-pat!

Now what about you lovely people? Did you go riding on the weekend? Or where you shackled to the confines of the kitchen prepping Christmas goodies and wrapping up socks and aftershave?

If all this pres-Xmas talk is getting you nervous, take solace and remember that as long as there is at least one day between us and Christmas, you’ve still got plenty of time to buy all of the necessary presents (guys, we’re looking at you!). So with all that extra time up your sleeve, why not grab yourself a brew and enjoy this video of Singletrack’s new video stars, Ross and Andi, who valiantly held the Fresh Goods Friday Live fort on Friday gone. Top job fellas, and if they keep this up, Chipps and Wil may be looking for new jobs…

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