Monday Morning Debrief 64

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Ah yes. Marvellous Monday. How doth we loathe thith Monday…th.

The day of the week that comes packed with more emotion than an episode of Coronation Street. Joy and happiness lingers after a buzzing weekend of good times, while pain and torment collides as the harsh truth of the working week unfolds in your lap like a sick kitten that’s throwing up on you. But alas, there ain’t nothing you can do about that but simply clean the sick off, say “Bad Kitty! NO!”, and press on. And press on we shall.

Before we commence however, we’re going to grab ourselves a brew and sit down to enjoy a few memories snapped over the weekend from within the Singletrack office and beyond. Here’s our Monday Morning Debrief to catch up on what everyone’s been up to over the past few days. Procrastinate? Us? Not at all!

monday morning debrief contributor
Vicki showing the berms at Lee Quarry who’s boss.

Vicki and Hannah hit up a local trail centre for a skills with Andrew Mee as part of an upcoming feature on the website. Both are accomplished riders who were looking for a little coaching to take their riding to the next level. Because you can never stop learning right?

Hannah Jump worried face
Hannah getting at least 3 feet of air.

We love Hannah’s face in this video. Wil calls it the “Cat’s Bum Face”, which he says he’s perfected over the years from all of the occasions his wheels have accidentally left the ground. Here, Hannah experiences that exact sensation on one of the table tops at Lee Quarry. Despite the expression, Hannah assures us she had a good time and got loads out of the experience.

One last run….. #farmerjohns #singletrack #whytebikes #mtb #mountainbike

A video posted by Andi Sykes (@andisykes) on

Meanwhile, our Social Media guru, Andi, got out to Farmer Johns for some full-face shredding. Thankfully for us, he had a camera strapped to that helmet, so he could make sure he documented every part of the trail. Including this most excellent crash that has been watched over and over around the Singletrack coffee machine.

monday morning debrief contributor
Sometimes you have to protect the trails that you ride.

Adele was also out on the weekend, but rather than filming sick edits and spraying roost everywhere, she went to the Leith Hill Protection Walk. As you may have read last week in Adele’s news story, the Leith Hill trail network is currently under threat from oil drilling. Leith Hill is a popular mountain bike destination just outside of London, so along with a whole load of local walkers and mountain bikers, Adele got out there to protest the threat against this highly popular outdoors environment. It was even on BBC new too!

monday morning debrief contributor
More voluntary hard yards behind the scenes.

Likewise, Antony joined the SingletrAction crew in Stainburn just north of Leeds for a dig day. While many of us were out there spinning our tyres across singletrack over the weekend, Antony was working on his calluses with some volunteer trail maintenance. Ripper job Antony, and hats off to you for donating your spare time to the trails – the singletrack karma gods will be smiling upon you!

monday morning debrief contributor
Katherine has been making the most of the (relatively) dry start to winter with a cross-country exploration mission over the weekend.
Jon also got our for a pedal, but unfortunately he missed the memo and accidentally took out his road bike. You’re excused just this once Jon, and particularly because you took a lovely photo while you were at it!
pete scullion snow mountain peak monday morning debrief contributor
Now that’s more like it!

Pete Scullion and his mate took two bikes up to the 9th highest peak in the UK for a dawn raid over the weekend. That peak is Ben Lawers, and from the looks of things, it was probably a bit chilly up there! Pete has also put together a wonderful trail piece about Aviemore for the new issue of Singletrack Magazine, which is out this week.

What’s better than riding bikes? Riding bikes with new friends. What’s better than riding bikes with new friends? Eating homemade pizza halfway round. WIN!

A photo posted by Tom Hill (@24tom) on

Mountain biker, conspirator and all-round legend Tom Hill has been busy over the weekend. He’s been making pizza and riding his newly built Cotic Flare MAX, and yesterday, he combined the two. Because lets face it, what could be better than that hey?

I couldn’t wait to share this with you all. Total game changer for action cam filming from @wiralcam I’m blown away by how good it is. It’s going to be getting some serious use! Make sure you go and check them out now over at @wiralcam @uberbikecomponents @fiveten_official @vpx_sports @HEDCAMz @bangenergy @olficamera @seeflareco #uberbike #uberbikecomponents #fiveten #brandofthebrave #bangenergy #vpxsports #olfi #onelifefilmit #flareclothing #mtb #mountainbiking #downhill #freeride #dh #fr #cycling #bike #bmx #bicycle #moto #fun #gopro #rider #ridelife #bikelife #photooftheday

A video posted by Danny Wilson (@_dannywilson_) on

Danny Wilson was also out with a video camera, though this one was attached to a fly wire that he was testing with the Wiralcam guys from Norway. Looks very slick indeed, and you’ll have to stay tuned for more info on this one…

And last, but certainly not least, we have one more gift for you on this fine Monday hell-day. Just a few minutes of Chipps and Wil gasbagging as part of our Fresh Goods Friday Live video.

Hold on a second. What the heck is that on Chipps’ head??

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