HappySacs: The Wonder For Your Down Under

by Wil Barrett 4

We get a lot of odd things emailed to us here at Singletrack. Underwater welding equipment press releases are pretty regular, though we were also alerted to FloatSkis recently (“Floatski Shows The UK That Walking On Water Isn’t Just a Phenomenon For Illusionists“), and we get a few emails here and there about custom rollerblade wheels. Granted, Mark is quite an avid rollerblader, so we’re guessing it was him that got us on that stupid email database.

Most of those emails start off with something like “Dear Insert Name Here“, which normally indicates that you’re one of the special 15,000 people who got the same email.

Then we get press releases like this:

happysacs underwear balls scrotum chafing sweaty
Get your HappySac in White, Black, or racy ‘Carbon’ – perfect for cyclists!

Hi! We’re going to call it what it is, a media blast. Bear with us, we promise this one is different. We want to share how we revolutionized men’s underwear with the HappySac. With a bit of carefully chosen cloth, some elastic, a bit of ingenuity and a sense of humor, we did what other companies have only toyed with. Downstairs sweat, odor, & stickiness is no man’s friend any time of the year. We acknowledged this universal problem and created a product that ACTUALLY helped. HappySacs alleviated those annoyances for thousands of men across the US. But we’re not done yet. Nope. We’re really just getting started.

And THAT, is how you get us interested!

happysacs underwear balls scrotum chafing sweaty
Four different sizes, and an elasticated opening for keep the sack on your…er…sack.

So, what the freak is a HappySac? Well, yu’ll have to watch the whole video below and check out the successful Kickstarter campaign to really get the whole picture, but essentially what you’re looking at here is a sack for your sack. It’s a little microfibre bag that slips over your nutsack to reduce chafing and such. Kind of like a bra for your junk, except this one isn’t about keeping you perky, but rather minimising that sweaty skin-on-skin action. Hmm…

Maybe less of a problem in colder climates, but our office Aussie Wil can see the appeal. Plus, you can get it in a racy ‘carbon’ finish too!

In all seriousness, we kind of want one of these in a winter thermal version with a brushed fleece inside – that would be nice wouldn’t it? What do you guys think?

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  1. Bawbags would have been a better name.

  2. They should make one that expands cos the older I get the lower they go!…..and also who is going to admit having a small happy sac!!.

  3. My balls are already in a little pouch.

  4. brushed fleece… finally a reason to shave???

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