Chris Akrigg Teaches Us All How Capable Modern MTBs Are!

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Chris Akrigg is already well known for being able to cycle up, down and off pretty much any landmark or object he feels while giving gravity and balance a healthy dose of schooling.

This Christmas though, he goes one step further and shows us all just what a modern mountain bike is really capable of. “As It Lies” is the name of his latest 7 minute video where Akrigg manages to combine Trials, DH, and Enduro riding into a ballet of smooth moves and insane line choices.

We’re not sure what the video brief was but the speed that Akrigg is riding we can only imagine is was along the lines of “show us what mountain bikes are really capable of or we’re going to ban them and make everyone ride E-bikes”.

Watch the video in full below (or here if you can’t see it) and let us know if you have every felt so out of breath streaming a video before?

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