Become The ACE Combat Cyclist Of Your Street

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Matthew Edward Burns is the possibly the smartest man on the internet, he is basically winning at the webs as we speak, and by December 2017 he could be winning all around town if his Kickstarter project is successful.

Basically what Matt has done (hope you don’t mind us calling you Matt) is to take laser tag and given it a bicycle combat spin so instead of chasing each other around with toy guns you’re chasing each other on bikes.

We suppose it’s a little like those training excercises we see figher pilots use to practice dog fights, with a ‘target’ attached to your rear and a ‘laser’ up front.

laser tag bikes
Laser tag on bikes!? Yes please!

It would be dangerous to actually shoot Star Wars quality lasers at one another, so wisely this game uses harmless Infrared beams and LED receivers. Playing the game is simple. Just chase your opponent around, and when you think you have their target lined up hit your trigger.

A critical hit results in an audible beep and gratuitous light flash, and after 10 hits its game over.

The Bicycle Laser Tag Kickstarter project is hoping to raise $250,000 which seems exceptionally ambitious. Couldn’t a real laser be made for a cool quarter of a million? Still if you fancy backing the project it costs $100 with product expected for December 2017.

Andi Sykes

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    might be a good idea, but by god what a shit video!

    Kind of like Star Trek; you just know that the guy in red is toast.

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