WTF: Make Running Fun Again

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We’re currently squinting really hard at the screen. It has two wheels, and it appears that there is a handlebar also. Linear-pull brakes are also present, and the guy in the video is wearing a helmet, so all the necessary signs point towards this being a bicycle. Except it’s not a bicycle. It’s more than that. It’s a glide cycle.

glide cycle wedgie running wtf
We suspect the metal pole in front of you may present vision issues. Chances are that you won’t be near any other people when you use this though.

WHAT THE HECK IS A GLIDE CYCLE?!” we hear you scream at the screen in front of you as you spit your cup of tea all over the keyboard in disgust. Well, it’s kind of like a bicycle, except there are no pedals or cranks, and there’s no chain either. And rather than having a saddle like most have bikes have used for, hmmm, I don’t know, LIKE OVER A HUNDRED YEARS, you get a sort of trapeze device that suspends you by your waist. Sort of like you’re abseiling, except you’re not scaling an impressive crag. You’re just in between two wheels with a helmet on getting a massive wedgie.

glide cycle wedgie running wtf
So comfortable!

Supposedly the Glide Cycle (we’re going to call it the Freedom Wagon) offers benefits for those who want to run, but who’s knees are in not-so-good condition. By suspending the rider/walker/yokel’s weight, you don’t all those aches and pains that you get with running. But then, maybe just ride a bike?

Take a trip down memory lane with the Glide Cycle! Photo:

Do you feel waves of nostalgia washing over you? Feel a sudden urge to reach into the depths of your childhood memories and re-learn how to walk again? Then the Glide Cycle may indeed be the device for you, and with prices starting at just $1649 USD, it’s cheaper than buying two hundred 12-packs of donuts from Krispy Kreme, which we know is definitely worse for your health.

Here’s a video of the Glide Cycle in action. We’re kind of intrigued to see the outtakes, or better yet, a “Glide Cycle Fail Compilation” type of video.

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