WTF: Bird Of Prey ‘Planking’ Bike?

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Have you ever felt like the regular riding position on your bike was holding you back from your full potential? That perhaps you could be in a more comfortable and aerodynamic position? Ever wanted to have your face a lot closer to the ground? Then the Bird Of Prey could be the answer to your…prayers?

Ok, so it isn’t exactly a new product, but it doesn’t make the Bird Of Prey ‘bicycle’ any less bizarro. A two-wheeled device that has been designed and built in California, the Bird Of Prey offers its rider with a stretched out ‘superman’ riding position that might be drawing some inspiration from the Flying Scotsman himself, Graeme Obree.

bird of prey wtf planking recumbent weird
Perhaps it isn’t all about wide bars? Get the praying mantis position with the Bird Of Prey!

Personally, we’d love to see a mountain bike version of this. Just imagine hovering inches above the trail with your legs pumping the pedals out behind you like some kind of human-powered steam train – you’d be the envy of all your riding buddies!

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    We hope so @Matt_SS_xc – perhaps we’ll see Froomey at the TdF next year on one?

    26 seconds in. Bottom left of picture. Knob.

    Will you leg rub on the rear mech??

    Makes my gut and elbows ache just thinking about it.

    Bad for circulation, I reckon.

    Will there be a fat bike version?

    I believe Ann Summers have just started selling these. Ohhh wouldn’t you just?!?

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