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Tuesday Treats 158: Rad8 Mountain Bike Glasses

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This week’s portion of Tuesday Treats comes from UK glasses maker Rad8!

The last time Rad8 came to Tuesday Treats the company had a few designs of glasses for Singletrack readers to pick and choose from. Based on the information gathered, Rad8 has now released its new range of mountain bike specific glasses.

Looking Rad in Rad8 glasses!
Looking Rad in Rad8 glasses!

For those readers who missed your original Tuesday Treats, give us a quick introduction to Rad8.

Rad8 started as a personal project in 2014 to get the best pair of glasses that could be worn all day, all year round when out and about mountain biking.Mountain biking is tough on glasses, there is always mud around, the woods are generally too dark for sunglasses and when you are plugging slowly up a hill, sweating buckets, glasses often steam up.

Mountain biking is tough on glasses, there is always mud around, the woods are generally too dark for sunglasses and when you are plugging slowly up a hill, sweating buckets, glasses often steam up.

rad8 mountain bike glasses
Rad8’s new marketing campaign features famous faces.

How well were the first generation Rad8 glasses received?

The first generation glasses were designed to be comfortable and tough, with photochromic lenses and a good anti-fog coating. The first products were piloted and tested in Feb 2015 and the reviews were pretty good for a first attempt. The customer feedback has been great and most of the glasses are still out there in use with regular riders. Customers have been impressed with the quality, optics and level of comfort.

rad8 mountain bike glasses
Work or play Rad8 glasses are tested day in and day out.

Tell us about the new range of Rad8 glasses.

Following the Singletrack survey 2 designs were taken into production and based other feedback the frame colour was toned down (to be less marmite – I liked the bright blue!) and the lens options were changed to introduce some of the more stylish lenses that could be worn as everyday sunglasses.

As part of the development of the Rad8 range I have stuck with a photochromic lens option where possible. Photochromic lenses are not perfect but for most UK riding they do everything you need, optically very clear, dark enough to protect your eyes from bright sunshine and still allow you to ride in the dark. The thing is if you wear glasses your eyes will always be protected.

There are now replacement lenses available for 4 of the designs so if you choose the 500,501,502 and 503 glasses, if the lenses do get damaged you can get replacements rather than chucking away a decent pair of glasses.

What’s the one standout feature of Rad8 glasses compared to the competition?

Our glasses are really tough, we even made a video showing them being ran over with a Honda CRV and surviving.

Do Singletrack subscribers get any perks at Rad8?

If you fancy a pair of Rad8 glasses all Singletrack subscribers can get a 15% discount code. (Code available via the Singletrack App or by clicking here).

How can Singletrack Readers keep up to date with Rad8?

We have active social media accounts which we update on a regular basis. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

And finally what giveaway do you have for Singletrack Subscribers?

In fact what we’re doing is a little different. Rad8 is looking for 5 Singletrack Subscribers to join our ambassador program. We will offer new glasses every 6-12 months in return for reviews, Facebook posts, Instagram pics etc. More details on how to apply are available here!

Apply to be a Rad8 Ambassador Here!

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