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What is the Singletrack Partner Zone?

This is an area of our site where you can browse through the micro site pages of selected and trusted businesses and brands. We vet each and every brand or business included in our partner zone before we allow them to set up their microsite and shop. So don’t worry, you won’t be bombarded with Ab-Swings and Shake-A-Weights!

But once they are in, you can browse their products and showcases, and you can even purchase directly from them without ever having to leave our site. It’s like having your own personal emporium full of carefully selected brands and products right here within the walls of Singletrack.

Our Launch Partners
Our Launch Partners

The brands will be updating their showcase pages regularly, so make sure you check in on a regular basis to see what they are up to and to bag yourself an exclusive deal that you won’t get anywhere else. It’s also the perfect place to start if you are researching for your next big buy.

Currently, the following brands are represented in our partner zone, and more will be added soon;

The Tile Team

Who is Tile?

Mike Farley’s wife, Camila, was always losing things. The list was very, very long. It includes two driver’s licenses, a wallet, half a dozen jackets, a cell phone, car keys, motorcycle keys, backpacks—even a rental car! After she lost her mother’s ruby ring, she cried for days. Mike desperately wanted to help Camila. The idea for Tile was born: a small, affordable device people could attach to the things they didn’t want to lose.

Tile connects to your phone via an app for keeping tabs on your belongings
Tile connects to your phone via an app for keeping tabs on your belongings

Next came a crowdfunding campaign to learn if others had the same problem. It turns out lots of people lose all sorts of precious items: computers, bikes, keys, passports—even dogs. The average person misplaces about 3,000 items a year, and spends upwards of 60 hours each year trying to find them. We think that’s got to change. We want to make loss a thing of the past. We believe when everything has smart location, the world will be a simpler, happier place.

tile giveaway
Tons of tiles to giveaway

Have you won a Tile?

Last week we held a giveaway for Singletrack subscribers to win their very own time, in return for a photo of the time in action on Instagram. We had almost 140 readers take part in the giveaway who suggested various ways for the Tile to be used below are some of the top ideas;

  • mcnultycop had a novel idea for Tile “I would, of course, purchase more tiles to do the whole en-suite bathroom.”
  • edge85 seems to have the same problem that we do “I would stick it to my 5mm hex key as it always seems to disappear when i need it. I think the cat my be taking it to make me slowly go mad.”
  • Kamakazie suggested, “I’d attach it to my skills &/or bravery which seem to disappear anywhere near a double!”

There were many more ideas (some of which we cannot rewrite!) and you can see them all on the original post here. We’ll also be emailing all the winners to get their details so that we can send out their free Tile. Watch out for updates coming in the few weeks.

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