Polaris Bikewear Are New To The Singletrack Partner Zone!

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We have a new showcase member in the Singletrack Partner Zone today! Say ‘Hi’ to Polaris Bikewear!

As you may well have seen, we’ve opened a new Singletrack Partner Zone on the site which gives you guys a showcase of trusted brands. From the Partner Zone you can learn about the companies showcased, get the chance to win some great prizes (like in our ION giveaway here) and also benefit from some great discounts!

Our Launch Partners
Our Launch Partners

Singletrack Partner Zone Showcase Members currently include:

We’ll be adding new partners all the time, and today we welcome Polaris Bikewear to the showcase.

A Mountain Bike Adventure: Wales from Chris Davies on Vimeo.

Who Are Polaris?

We’ll hand the introduction directly over to Polaris themselves!

“Polaris was born in the mountains. Our extensive range of products reflects our belief that adventure should be accessible for all ages, sexes, disciplines and budgets. Every one of our products is the realisation of 25 years of development in the saddle and we have always sought to learn through experience. Designed and tested in the harshest elements and for the toughest adventures, our clothing will always perform to your highest standards.”

You can learn more about Polaris Bikewear over in the Singletrack Partner Zone here!

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