Monday Morning Debrief 61

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Monday eh? The official start of the new week, or the official end to the weekend?

Well for this particular Monday, we’re calling it the start to a new week. Especially when you’re taking into account some of the happenings around the world last week, we’re really not that fussed in saying goodbye to that one. Hannah would be the exception to that rule however, as she spent most of last week swanning about on the dusty and rocky singletrack around Sedona in Arizona. Hannah was on hand for Singletrack to check out the new Hail and Pique mountain bikes from Liv, and didn’t she rub it in!

Photo: Sterling Lorence.
Hannah missed out snow in the UK last week for this. Photo: Sterling Lorence.

After being without both Chipps and Hannah for the past week, we’re thoroughly relieved that they’re both back in the office. At least until they start gloating about their recent exploits. However, we are genuinely surprised that Hannah even came back from her trip – just look at those blue skies and red rocky singletrack! Maybe it was the comforting warmth and dusty trails at home that drew her back to Calderdale?

Have you heard the one about the Trek, the Kona and the Intense??

Hannah wasn’t the only one of us who was getting out for some quality time on two wheels last week, though most of our riding was a little…err…muddier, to say the least. Mark took a couple of new test bikes out for a thrash, including that lovely new Intense Recluse, and the Kona Hei Hei DL. Needless to say, he’s on bike wash duty today.

I really want lamb now. @brothercycles @sohobikeslondon #calderfornia #baaw #sohobikeslondon #singletrackmag #steelisreal

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Wil also got out for some ride-time last week, taking the new Brother Cycles Big Bro out for a lunchtime explore around some of the backcountry lanes and bridleways around Singletrack Towers. He took a photo with Instagram, so it definitely happened right?

It is done! Huge thanks to Bryan and Julie from #downlandcycles. See Feb’s @singletrackmag for the full story behind it.

A photo posted by Chipps (@chippschippendale) on

Meanwhile, Chipps has been away on a frame building course. Despite coming together at the eleventh hour, he did manage to get successfully complete his steel masterpiece by the end of the week, and the finished result actually looks pretty darn nice! Chipps will be building this up and riding it himself, so as you can imagine, he is petrified. More to come…

Beer or Bike? Why not have both!

Some particularly wet weather on the weekend deterred all of the Singletrack staff from getting out for a ride, though Crayons used the timely opportunity to get an old steel On One frame cleaned up and ready for a new lease on life. We’re not sure if he progressed any further beyond the above photo, but there is something innately satisfying about standing in front of a bike clamped in a workstand with a beer in your hand, so we’ll excuse him for that one.

Dylan is hobnobbing with legends again @stevepeat #stevepeat #peatysbikebonanza

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Meanwhile, Andi took his young fella to Peaty’s Bike Bonanza in Sheffield. It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but old mate literally keeled over from excitement the moment after this snap was taken. Andi’s son, not Peaty by the way. But if you met one of your childhood heroes in person, you’d be a little tongue-tied too wouldn’t you?

So that about draws us to the end of this week’s Monday Morning Debrief, and we guess its time to drag our knuckles off the floor to do some real work. Before we do that though, and before you succumb to the necessities of the new working week, why don’t you take a few minutes out to see some shiny new gear as featured in Fresh Goods Friday Live? It involves crazy german disc brakes, UK-machined chainrings, and a funky helmet that’s got a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. And don’t worry if the boss pulls you up about watching bike-related videos at work, ‘cos we gave you permission right?


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