GekkoGum Lets You Stick Your GoPro…Anywhere!

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Ever wanted to make your family and friends even more sick when watching your badass shaky riding footage? Now you can, by jamming your GoPro/Virb/Contour/whatever onto your hub shell so you can get a continuously rolling shot as you ride along on the…

Wait…hold on…we’re going to need a bucket…

But seriously, this is actually quite a neat product. Recently launched on Kickstarter, GekkoGum has successfully reached its funding target, with 17 days to go at the time of writing. Over 300 backers have come on board to help bring the project to reality, though there’s still time if you want to get yourself an earlybird discount.

gekkogum gopro iphone smartphone video kickstarter
GekkoGum: Not an after-hours chewing gum for clubbers.

So basically, GekkoGum is like a big sticky ball of play-dough, which you can use to mount your camera or smartphone onto pretty much anything. It won’t stick to silicone, but it looks like it’ll stick to most surfaces. It’s made from a non-hazardous rubber compound that has a sticky property to it that according to GekkoGum, won’t wear off over time. They reckon it’ll hold an object up to 200 grams, and you can wash it to clean off any dirt or mud that might stick onto it.

gekkogum gopro iphone smartphone video kickstarter
All the cameras!

Action sports cameras are cool and all that, but sometimes the mounting systems leave a little to be desired. They can often be bulky, fiddly to setup, and difficult to move around while you’re on a ride. With the GekkoGum product, it looks like it should be quite easy to stick your camera onto the blob, and potentially move it around from your handlebars, to your seat post, to your fork lowers, to your downtube, or even your helmet. Or you could use it to stick your smartphone to a tree to get a quick riding clip you carving up a little section of trail.

That said, we think GekkoGum might be doing itself a disservice by only suggesting it for cameras and smartphones. Think of all the other things that you could use it to stick to! How Enduro would it be to use GekkoGum to stick all of your inner tubes and multi-tools onto frame instead of using electrical tape? What about gels on the top tube? Or maybe a pork pie? Oh the possibilities!

gekkogum gopro iphone smartphone video kickstarter
Looks delicious, but we highly recommend you don’t eat this.

“Tired of taking selfies within reach of an arm’s lengths and keen on shooting from thrilling perspectives without extensive preparations? GekkoGum is the ideal tool! GekkoGum is a highly versatile mount for your smartphone and GoPro® which works without mechanics. With its retaining force – comparable to Gecko feet – it provides safe and instant support on almost every object or surface.

To take awesome pics and capture breathtaking moments from a really interesting perspective you just need the smartphone or action cam you already own – wether just a quick pic in a café to share with your community or a full length action video. And with GekkoGum you are ready to go!” – GekkoGum

gekkogum gopro iphone smartphone video kickstarter
Stick your POV camera to your downtube for a different take on the usual riding footage.

GekkoGum Features:

  • Safe grip – immediately and almost everywhere
  • No preparations – just stick and shoot
  • Comfortable haptic – no residues or sticky fingers
  • Performs for many years – no ageing or embrittlement
  • Clean and easy storage – coloured wrap included
  • Will hold a maximum weight of 200 grams
  • Non-hazardous rubber compound: Odourless and free of grease
  • Maintains stickiness for years and can be cleaned with fresh water
  • Will not stick to silicone
  • Pricing: €15
  • For further information, click here
gekkogum gopro iphone smartphone video kickstarter
Clearly sorcery is at play here.

What do you think of the GekkoGum product? Is this something you would find useful? And if you’re not thinking of using it for a camera or your smartphone, what else would you use it for? Tell us in the comments section below!

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