Cycle Clothing Made From…Coffee??

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We all love coffee. Heck, coffee is the sole reason that we manage to get all of our copy in on deadline for each issue of Singletrack Magazine. Without it, well…the consequences really aren’t worth considering. But as useful as coffee is for pretty much anything, why would you use it for cycle apparel?

In the search for more environmentally conscious fibres for producing cycling garments that are both moisture-wicking and odour resistant, Aussie company OORR has drawn on the magic of the coffee bean to produce an intriguing new line of cycling wear…

coffee frog clothing apparel lycra roadie road kickstarter
Warning: Lycra content within! The press release from OORR is a bit roady-ish, but the garments themselves are useful for any cyclist. Unless you’re a fashion-sensitive endooooro rider.

Press Release

Australian cycling apparel brand OORR is launching the ‘OORR Cafe’ range on Kickstarter this month – Pro level cycling apparel enhanced by the addition of coffee to the fabric. Additionally, high performing fabric that’s race ready has been developed with ‘Frog Skin’ nanotechnology for their Cycling Bib shorts; some jersey designs enhance rider safety; every garment has a percentage of recycled materials; and OORR is pledging a percentage of profit to underprivileged children in South Africa.

coffee frog clothing apparel lycra roadie road kickstarter
“Ooh Err!”

The OORR Cafe range features:

  • ‘Coffee infused’ cycling jerseys and activewear

  • Bib shorts incorporating Frog Skin nanotechnology

  • Research based design, enhancing rider safety (Fashionable alternative to ugly high-vis)

  • 30-76% recycled materials used across the range

  • Vision to create industry wide demand for use of more sustainable materials

  • B Corporation – living up to its charter of being the change it wishes to see

  • Commitment to South African children’s charity Velokhaya

coffee frog clothing apparel lycra roadie road kickstarter
It’s science see?

Now in order to explain why OORR has chosen coffee grounds in the production of its latest OORR Cafe fabric, they’ve got a little bit of science for us lay-people. Apparently the process of infusing coffee into the polyester yarn results in a fabric that dries really well and has a 250% greater odour resistance compared to competitor fabrics. OORR also cite that its wunder-fabric has a significantly reduced carbon footprint;

Polyester yarn is infused with coffee in a patented process, then blended with recycled polyester (from PET bottles) during fabric knitting, boosting the eco cred of the garments. Coffee enhances the fabric by improving moisture management and sun protection – and because it’s coffee, it’s highly effective at controlling odour. Just ask an airport sniffer dog! Thanks to the coffee, worrying about your whiff at the cafe afterwards is no longer an issue.” – OORR.

coffee frog clothing apparel lycra roadie road kickstarter science
Purple frog! Molecular Chemistry! Peptides!

Not content on engaging black magic to infuse coffee with polyester fabric to create a sweet-smelling cycling jersey, OORR has also drawn on “Frog Skin Nanotechnology” for the bib shorts. Why Frog Skin??

“Scientists found that a healthy frog living in filthy conditions secreted peptides that actively and instantly killed bacteria, keeping it safe. They mimicked the microbes, creating a nano-particle to do the same thing. Originally intended for use in the medical industry, it claims a kill rate of 99.99% of harmful bacteria and microbes – far superior to the more commonly used silver ion nanotechnology, and permanent.” – OORR.

OORR claims that using these frog-derived nanoparticles in a bib short chamois results in a permanently stink-free fabric. We can already think of several testers in the Singletrack office who could give that claim a red hot run for its money!

OORR has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for the new OORR Cafe range. Early backers will be able to get access to the innovative apparel at a discounted price, and OORR will be able to ship all over the world including to the UK, Europe and the US. Want more info? Check out OORR’s Kickstarter page.

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Comments (3)

    Nothing new there – when I worked with Pearl Izumi a few years ago they used the same technology in their 2nd tier Elite range. I’m sure others do too.

    @sillyoldman – As in, the coffee part, the frog skin part, or the recycled materials part?

    Aha – you mean the SCafe fabric Pearl Izumi used for this?'s/Apparel/Tops/Jerseys/Jerseys/Men's_ELITE_Thermal_Long_Sleeve_Jersey/p/11121319

    According to Tim Christian of OORR, SCafe shares a similar concept with the application of coffee grounds being utilised for the anti-stink factor, but it’s otherwise quite a different fabric;

    “It’s the same use of coffee, but Pearl Izumi has used it as a fleece, not a lycra-style fabric. The OORR fabric itself is created by me, and is OORR proprietary fabric. Very different in terms of feel, breathability and sustainability, but just as effective at the odour control etc, as the coffee is embedded the same way. You may also notice that there aren’t any recycled materials in the SCafe fabric, and that’s a unique feature of our OORR fabric that we’re very proud of. “

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