Capture The Ride With Exposure’s New Kickstarter

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Looking for a new angle for your POV videos? Sick of running the same daytime footage?

To coexist alongside it’s current products, Exposure has designed a miniature lighting rig for use with camera equipment called the Capture. The Capture is quite clearly aimed at users already sporting GoPro cameras but we can also see from the product’s Kickstarter page that they also envisage the light on SLR cameras, and even on drones!

Exposure Capture Kickstarter
Designed for filming in low-light conditions.

Part of the Capture’s design brief was to make a light that is not just powerful enough to light up all of your night-time trail action, but also sufficiently lightweight so as not to weigh the wearer down when mounted to a helmet or a chest strap. On top of that, the design would need to efficiently dissipate heat too. To meet all of these parameters, Exposure have gone for a special Graphene material for the Capture’s lighting body. This is a new material for the company, but one which a number of manufacturers are currently interested in experimenting with.

Exposure Capture Kickstarter
OLED panel displays power output and battery level.

As we would expect from an Exposure product, the Capture has some very useful features including dual LED lights (1 x wide beam, 1 x spotlight), adjustable power levels of up to 600 lumens, an easy to read OLED display and GoPro mount compatibility. Perhaps the best features of the Exposure Capture are the fact it charges from a USB and that it uses the same battery as a GoPro Hero 4. Nice!

Exposure Capture Kickstarter
You too could look like this at the skatepark!

The Kickstarter project launched 4 days ago and has already reached £4,500 with another £25,000 to go. Perks available to backers include T-Shirts, Capture Lights and Capture Lighting Bundles.

Can’t see the video? Then click here.

More info can be found here.

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