WTF: The 7in Travel SCURRA Returns!

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It’s back! The 7in travel SCURRA Hard Enduro Bike has returned. And we think you’ll agree, it’s just as bizarre as ever before. Remember seeing this back in 2013 during our Interbike coverage? At the time, we were left positively baffled as to what was going on with this intriguing linkage-driven suspension bike, which has two shocks centred in the frame. We were also left scratching our heads asking: why?

V2 of the Scurra Hard Enduro. Just check out that wheelbase!

Well, the Austrian company believes it’s onto something here, and have redesigned the Hard Enduro from the original version we saw back at Interbike (that’s the blue and pink wonder below). The difference? In all honesty, we have no idea. But Scurra says that it’s “all new and improved“. It still appears to have 7in of travel front and rear, and it’s still listed as having a 27.5in rear wheel and a 29in front wheel. For a number of reasons, that puts it into exclusive territory. Exclusive in one sense that there are not a lot of 29ers available with a 7in travel fork, so there’s that.

Do you recall having this burnt into your retinas?

If you’re struggling to work out what’s going on, we won’t blame you. However, just for a moment ignore the fork. The rear suspension is actually pretty standard, with an alloy front triangle connected to the alloy rear triangle by two linkages. There’s 7in of travel out back, which is controlled by a DT Swiss M212 rear shock. As for the front, it’s a linkage-driven design, with an enormous rocker link connecting the fork lower to a secondary DT Swiss M212 rear shock that sits inside the main frame.

Only last week we reported on a linkage fork from Motion France, so Scurra isn’t on its own in that regard. The reason they do it? They cite increased lateral rigidity of the linkage design over a telescopic suspension fork as being a big advantage. They also have some other pretty big claims on the Hard Enduro, including; “Riders who search for the extraordinary in order to perform better will love our bike“, and “thanks to the TRELEVER® system the SCURRA can be seen as one of the most innovative creations of bicycle technology ever built.”

Bold claims indeed. If you want to tap into that innovation, it’ll set you back 8,888 EUR excluding VAT.

Thanks to the TRELEVER® system the SCURRA can be seen as one of the most innovative creations of bicycle technology ever built.
The “all new” Scurra Hard Enduro.

Here’s the word on that unique suspension design:

Evidently riding a bike consumes energy. Top riders of 80kg reach energy peaks of 560 W per hour. One fifth of the total energy consumption will be taken by just sitting on the bike and keeping balance. On rough ground without suspension that level goes up to even 40% or around 200 W per hour. This makes sense of suspended bicycles. Now imagine that a further portion of 15% of applied energy can be saved only by riding a SCURRA HARD ENDURO with the innovative TRELEVER® suspension. That gives you 300 W per hour more energy for propulsion! So the SCURRA helps you to keep your energy level up and thereby to reduce the risk of crashes caused by exhaustion.

And if that wasn’t enough to weird you out, Scurra has put together this POV video to show you the Hard Enduro bike in action. Complete with Gypsy-Step music that is as exotic as it is bizarro.

It’s sort of like a reverse-mullet, with business out back and all the party up front!

The company that lists the Scurra Hard Enduro bike online also has some other head-scratching products on offer. That includes the TREVELER suspension design that is used on the Hard Enduro bike, which after translating the website, appears to be a project that stalled back in 2013. From what we can tell, they’re still looking for investors and licensees.

Hmmm, that actually looks kinda fun!

Oh and they also do snow bikes called the Snowter. We’ll just leave this here…

What do you think of the Scurra Hard Enduro bike? Will you be signing up for one? Is this the suspension technology we’ve all been waiting for? Or is it not to your tastes?

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    What a sack of ( so long as it’s derogatory )

    I’ve had a crush on this bike ever since 2013. Unfortunately the red paint may have broken the spell 🙁

    My Uncle Heath designed something very similar !


    Bob Robinson 😉

    How much is ” £8,888 EUR “?

    I don’t want one obviously, I just like picking holes in things.


    That music… Is it music?

    @boriselbrus – I have no idea to be honest. I’m still used to valuing things in dollarydoos 🙂

    How much is ” 8,888 EUR “?

    About 8,888 GBP

    It looks like a pile of close formation scaffolding.

    I want to know more about the Snowter!

    Looks like an interesting ride, would like to give one a go just to see how it goes.

    Would love you guys to test this thing 🙂

    Seems like Klunk from Catch the Pigeon has moved from aeroplanes into bikes – does the front linkage also contain a comedy pair of hands that shoot out on full compression?
    It never worked – surprised that Dick Dastardly took so long to fire him.

    Watts per hour? A watt is 1 joule per second so not sure what a watt per hour means – makes as much sense as the design I suppose

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