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Well, it is officially the Monday morning after the very, very long week before!

There are many casualties at Singletrack Towers today, as we all begin the recovery process following a busy week that reached its crescendo at the annual Reader Awards Ceremony on Thursday night. And what a party it was! But while we’ve been slowly tidying up all the confetti and dealing with piercing hangovers, our US roving reporter Marc has been busily publishing stories about brand new products exhibited at the Interbike show in Las Vegas.

There’s lots of other fresh product content on, including plenty of stories from Ross and Wil’s trip down to Bristol to visit UK importer Saddleback. At the dealer show, they got to see the new Rotor Hawk & Raptor cranks, the murderously black Alchemy Arktos, a very brightly coloured Intense Recluse, and they even got a sweet video of the inner workings of a Chris King hub while they were at it.

But on top of all that, it’s currently deadline week, so you’re going to have to excuse us for a momentary period of hibernation. Before we slink off back to our slave cave, lets take a quick moment to remind ourselves what we got up to over the weekend as we say goodbye to September, and hello to a (hopefully…) mild October. Yay!

lee quarry trail centre rock rocky trail cloud
Bikes. Trails. Not office. Good.

With some essential product testing to undertake, Chipps escaped to a local trail centre on the weekend to session out a few trails. It’s probably the last time Chipps will be able to taste fresh air before we chain him to his keyboard this week. Don’t worry though, we’ll make sure he’s fed and watered while he finishes off the new issue for us, and he has structured toilet breaks so he doesn’t make a mess of the office carpet (we’ve learnt from past experience).

capital trail race antony helmet light rock sweat merino
Smiling now, but at this point he still had 80 miles to go. So a little over halfway…

Our resident smiling assassin Antony took to the Capital Trail event on the weekend, but we’re almost certain he wasn’t smiling for the entire 148 miles of it. As an off-road bike-packing event, the Capital Trail race starts and finishes at Portobello Beach near Edinburgh, with around 100 riders tackling the course over a full day’s riding. Well done for finishing and making us all look bad Antony!

grit magazine fresh goods friday chamois cream jaffa cakes tequila alcohol
New issue of is best enjoyed with jaffa cakes, tequila and chamois cream.

Bicycle riding aside, we also had some other exciting happenings in the office late last week, including a very fresh delivery of the brand new edition of magazine. It’s Issue #009, it looks amazing, it smells even better, and it’ll be available to purchase within the week. But the even better news is that there is still time to subscribe and get your copy sent directly into your hot little hands, so get subscribing now and support this beautiful magazine!

Along with the latest issue of, we had plenty of other snazzy bits and bobs that popped into the office last week, which you can read all about in Fresh Goods Friday. As we always do on a Friday afternoon, we took a sample of the freshest of fresh goods, and beamed out a video via Facebook Live to show you what they’re all about. You can watch the video below, but make sure you tune in to our Facebook page this Friday afternoon to enjoy more totally live, totally unscripted, and totally loose videography courtesy of your favourite bike dorks.

Happy Monday everyone!

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