Video: Dan Atherton’s Hardline POV Has Over A Million Views!

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Generally, when we talk about mountain biking videos going viral there is usually a certain Mr. Macaskill connected to them, but not this time! A POV video from Dan Atherton’s run at the 2016 Redbull Hardline is the latest mountain bike video to go viral with the 4-minute long footage receiving over 1 million views in just 4 days!

What’s striking is that even with the speed Affy is blasting down the side of the Welsh countryside he only placed 13th with a race time of 3:47. Bernard Kerr took the win at Hardline with a time of 3:32!

We’ve embedded Dan Atherton’s Hardline POV video below. For those of you who can’t see it click here!

Andi Sykes

Singletrack Editorial Staff

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    Can’t even comprehend how to ride down 90% of that??

    Glad there are people that can but its not my idea of fun, great to watch all the same.

    See it’s been corrected to 2016 now. You’re welcome.

    I feel sick after watching that.

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