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You’ll look so fine with the Vufine.

Vufine+ Wearable Display

From smartwatches to wearable cameras, wearable technology is more common than you might think, so what about a wearable display? The Vufine+ aims to bring the convenience of a 4-inch display to your daily life without the inconvenience of having to carry one around.

The kit includes an “L” shaped device that magnetically attaches to a glasses frame (either your own or those included in the box) with a small display that sits in front of your eye. Although physically small the screen can appear quite large if positioned correctly.

Vufine says that their wearable display would be perfect for cyclists (perhaps to attach to a rear camera view?), but also suggest other uses including flying a drone, connecting to a GoPro or even as a mini teleprompter. We’re not entirely convinced.


#UpYourGame With The British Red Cross

The Red Cross are rolling out short online videos and free to download First Aid guides to give people the knowledge to help people emergency situations. As the organization realizes cycling is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the UK, they have even produced a video teaching riders how to care for someone with a potentially broken bone (above).

While not the same as taking a complete First Aid course the information could be enough to keep someone comfortable in an emergency.

For more information on how to get involved head over to


the beast
Dare you take on the beast?

The Hamsterley Beast!

The “Beast” isn’t your standard race, but promises wonderful scenery, buzzing atmosphere, and support for a fantastic cause.

The event began in 2015 with 150 riders, organized by volunteers to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance, and has been successful to the tune of £27,000 so far!

Now, the Beast 2017 sign up has just gone live and they are hoping for over 400 riders. If you want to be a part of the action head over to the official Hamsterley Beast website and sign up.


Looking for a 'cool' tyre lever?
Looking for a ‘cool’ tyre lever?

Carbon Fibre Tyre Levers

Alden Carbon has taken to Kickstarter to ask for help producing their own carbon fiber tyre levers. The Kickstarter page only mentions that the lever is the “coolest bike tire lever ever produced”, but doesn’t go into any detail about why you would actually need one.

Those of you wanting to back the project will need to pony up $10 to get one lever and a sticker or at least $20 for the pair.


And Finally A Motorized Drifting Trike

Our last mini story for the week looks like so much fun we were tempted to launch an entirely new website based around it ( anyone?). The idea is to take a standard unpowered drifting trike and spice things up a little by adding a four stroke engine and automatic four-speed gearbox.

With an engine to power the trike the rider is able to get their “Ken Block On” anywhere they please (well anywhere a motorized drifting 3 wheeler is legal that is!). If you want one you will have to become a backer on Kickstarter.

Watch out for more shorts next week.


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