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Each week we receive far more emails about news and events than we are able to publish, so to solve that we bring you our new “Singletrack Shorts”, a quick brief of news, updates and events that didn’t quite make it to the headlines. So without further ado here are a few stories from this week.

This week we had updates from Lezyne, a bike found by Lancashire Police, new prices for gearbox bikes and details of an exciting adventure in the desert.


gearbox olsen pinion internal carbon custom olsen rockshox rs1
Olsen Ram with Pinion Gearbox and belt drive

Olsen Gearbox Bikes Prices Reduced

With the falling strength of the Pound, it comes as quite a surprise that UK-based Olsen bikes have cut prices. Olsen builds unique hardtails that feature Pinon Gearbox drivetrains and belt drives.

Their bikes are made from carbon or you can opt for a 953 Stainless steel option too! Pricing for framesets (including Pinion gearbox, CNC chainset, and shifter) begin from £2700 for the C-Line or £3000 for the P-Line. More details here.


gaes titan
Fancy racing across the desert?

Gaes Titan Desert Race Registration Opens

The Gaes Titan Desert race is sponsored by GPS makers Garmin and touted as “one of the toughest in the world”. The race saw 400 participants race from stage to stage across the desert and dunes of Morocco in 2016 and hopes to bring more of the same for 2017.

Registration is open now with organizers offering the first 100 places a special discount. Sign up and discount details here.


Is This Your Bike?

South Ribble Police have found a green Santa Cruz Bronson CC and are asking followers on Facebook to help find its owner. If you are the owner or know whose bike this is head over to South Ribble’s Facebook Post and get in touch ASAP!


Twicycle update
Now with added face guard!

Updated Twicycle Crowdfunding Begins!

If the makers of the Saw franchise made a bicycle then the Tricycle would be it! The original Twicycle boasted a chainring in the perfect location to slice your face in two and so does the new and improved version.

For the new and improved model, Twicycle has taken the danger out of their design (spoilsports!) by adding a chainring guard. They have also added a chest cushion and new bars that look more “roadie”.


lezyne gps super enhanced
Lezyne releases firmware update.

Lezyne Firmware Update

Not huge news but important enough for those of you who had a Lezyne Y10 GPS unit. The firmware update (available to download here) brings general bug fixes to the system, improved language support and also adds E-Drivetrain support to the unit. If you’re interested in Lezyne we have more news here.

So those are the little snippets of news that didn’t quite hit the headlines this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    Good work from Twicycle, that bike is now 3 peaks legal

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