Interbike 2016: K-Edge Produce Short Stem Garmin Solutions

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Garmin, for all of their electronics building expertise, haven’t always done the best job of producing solid mounts for their spendy bundles of antenna and liquid crystal.  Further, the computers’ mounting tabs have a reputation for failing in crashes- which isn’t ideal.  Made in the USA and warrantied for life, K-Edge’s mounts address these shortcomings as well as the challenges that come with mounting computers to today’s stubby stems.

For the shortest of stems
For the shortest of stems

Combining CNC-machined bases with easily-replaced copolymer inserts has allowed K-Edge to create a series of solid mounts whose mating tabs can be engineered to fail before the computer’s.  The mounts’ quarter-turn-then-click! action is pleasing and well-defined- not necessarily a performance enhancement but satisfying nonetheless.

Better than bands
Better than bands

Of particular interest to mountain bikers are the steerer-topping Gravity Cap (top, £25) and MTB/Stem mount (above, £40).  Both are designed with short stems in mind- though given the space the latter looks as though it would do a better job at keeping the computer out of harm’s way.  And, being CNC machined from aluminum, each is available in several anodized colours.

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    Nothing new then?

    Used to carry my Garmin on a regular (Garmin) mount on the top tube, where it survived any number of crashes. Saw a good review of the Gravity Cap & thought I’d give it a go. Now – one crash later – I need a new Garmin. Gravity Cap is rubbish idea – works perfectly as a mount but the Garmin is too exposed, sticking up above the bars like that. When I’ve saved up for a new GPS (probably not a Garmin, new models are too expensive) it’ll be back on the top tube.

    I run the adjustable mount at 90 deg. to the stem, below it. Keeps everything out of the way. (pic to follow)

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